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Governance and Corruption

Selena, Colleen, Deana

Selena Coliviras

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Governance and Corruption

Governance Corruption & Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power.
The abuse of power for private gain. What is Corruption? Common Forms Bribery
Cronyism, Nepotism
Graft Negative Effects Discourages business
Reduces the amount of money the government has available
Distorts the way the government uses its money
Allows those with money or connections to bend the law
Undermines trust in government Reasons Why Corruption Thrives Canada The Corruption Perceptions Index Opportunity
Chance of getting caught
Bad incentives
Attitude Canada is the tenth least corrupt country
Calgary-based Niko Resources was charged with bribery
Blackfire Exploration allegedly used bribery
SNC-Lavalin's current corruption scandal Catholic Values Abide by rules
Greed Who is Affected? Citizens
Government Do you think that corruption is a large enough problem that the government should increase preventative efforts? Solutions Improve government finance systems
Improve education
Adopt a more transparent government system
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