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Southern Colonies, [slogan]

No description

Bailey Winiarski

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Southern Colonies, [slogan]

Original goals included economic success and military motives
A military barrier against the Spanish- no mixing with Florida!
Huge military advantage being an English colony south of the Carolinas
Refugee for prisoners
English men AND women could have a new beginning- one class may find relief from poverty and one from persecution!!
With the ban of Catholics, Georgia provides a home for other religious groups
SLAVERY WAS JUST BROUGHT BACK= more economic opportunity
We are in the process of also bringing back rum
Southern Colonies,
Everyone (and Everything) is nicer in the South

North Carolina
Farm country, farmers all around!
NO aristocracy
Social freedom for all
No religious expectations
South Carolina
Fertile lands make for greener pockets
Booming harbor of Charles Town
prosperous economy from trade surplus
Large trading, including with natives
Aristocratic society
Important Barbadian trading partners
brought over slaves; larger labor force contributing to generous incomes
No religious expectations
Bailey Winiarski, Jordan Ricciardi, Kristen Tobin, and Grace Boyar

Lots of job opportunity through tobacco planting
Head-right System
No shortage of working force on plantations; importing slaves
House of Burgesses
We can make our own rules
Very experienced in ruling
Voice for the people
Democracy since 1619
-The Maryland toleration act means Catholics and Protestants can live in harmony
-“And whereas the inforceing of the conscience in matters of Religion hath frequently fallen out to be of dangerous Consequence in those commonwealthes where it hath been practised, And for the more quiett and peaceable governement of this Province”
-Import slaves
-We have the "Head Right System" (aka) land for all (white men)
-If you pay for your transportation we will give you the land!
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