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The Effects Of Deforestation In The Lorax

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Kallisto Hill

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Effects Of Deforestation In The Lorax

Effects Of Deforestation In The Lorax
By: Kallisto Hill, Jacob Lynch
Our solutions?
For every tree that the oncler and his family cut down he should of planted 2 seeds.
In the movie we saw that by cutting down all the trees is caused the air quality to go down. Also many animals lost there homes.
Deforestation can also effect the water cycle and the Carbon cycle.
What problems come form deforestation???
Trees hold a lot of water. That's why rain forest are so wet and humid. Cutting down trees takes away the moister fount in these areas. With out tress water or nutrients can't cycle in a forest ecosystem.
Cutting trees also cause runoff that causes soil erosion. This can also contribute to flooding.
How does it effect the water cycle?
In the Lorax theOncler had become successful in selling his thneed. So there was a high demand for this product.
His thneed was made from the tuff from the Truffula trees. Harvesting the tuff from these trees without cutting them down was taking to long. So the Oncler finally agreed to start cutting down the trees to make things move along faster.
Why was there deforestation???
Trees store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. in there trunks roots and branches. The carbon remains stored until the trees rot, or are burned. Trees keep great amount of carbon out of the atmosphere. When trees are cut down large amount or carbon is released in the air. This extra carbon holds heat and causes global warming.
How does it effect the Carbon Cycle?
Why is this a smart solution???
If the Oncler would of done this all the problems that were stated before could of been prevented.
The Onclers business would of kept growing if he kept planting the tress he cut down. Why? Becuase he wouldn't of ran out of tuff to use for his thneed.
A short-coming to this solution?
If the Oncler business started to grow even quicker. Then there could be a possibility that the trees would not grow back in time in order to produce the tuff.
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