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Designing Technology Fueled Social Objects

Ellen Dudley talks at eCommConf in San Francisco about face to face communication and how technology can make it easier

Ellen Dudley

on 27 June 2011

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Transcript of Designing Technology Fueled Social Objects

Ellen Dudley Designing Technology Fueled Social Objects CrowdScanner PeopleHunt Why face to face still sucks
and what we can do about it Start...
Deep... 1960's: "Civil Inattention" "I love ear phones it allows me to escape the ‘people’" "By wearing earphones we shut out any human conversation" “Add one more achievement to the digital revolution: It has made it fashionable to be rude.” "All our tech gadgets are just placebos treating the symptoms of our void." Why? % time spent communicating face to face online markus hartel Awkward Silences Why are we talking? fear Stuck talking to someone Might get rejected Might get attached community diversity innovation PUA's "The easiest way to get an introduction is actually in a real venue... That's exactly how I originally met Mark - although in my case I was not introduced to him by anybody (in fact I wanted to talk to the guy who was standing next to him originally - just as well it turned out this way because that guy was kind of a dick ;))" because online communication is EASIER who? when? why? what? how long? steven pinker: language as a window into human nature curiosity fear social objects crowdvine before after hashable poken sonar.me yobongo peoplehunt change rules bump graph realtime ENDANGERED SPECIES conversation = me so how can we make face to face communication better? fear PeopleHunt during
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