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Uglies book summary

No description

Tory Sievers

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Uglies book summary

by Scott Westerfeld
The themes I chose for this Science Fiction book are never give up on your friends and don't lie or consequences can come.
This book takes place in the future in a place called Uglyville. This is where Tally and Shay live. Tally and Shay are both fifteen and almost to turn sixteen. This means they are close to turning pretty. The term "pretty" means that you had an operation that rubs all your skin off, puts colored lenses in your eyes and moves you into a town where you go to parties all the time. This town is called New Pretty Town. There are cruel pretties called Special Circumstances who look scary and are very strong and fast. All of the people, whether they are an Ugly or a Pretty, have interface rings. Interface rings are practically rings that can do just about anything. Whether you ask it to send a ping message to someone, ask for hover directions, or even the weather they can do it. Instead of riding in cars or an airplane, they ride on hoverboards and hover cars. Hoverboards work on a magnetic grid, so if you put meal down on a place where there isn't a magnetic grid you can still hover but if there isn't any magnets your hoverboard will fall to the ground. Only hovercars can go without a magnetic grid. Also, if you need anything you can just go ask the hole in your wall for almost anything.
Tally and Shay sneak out to a place named Rusty Ruins. Shay tells tally that she wants her to meet someone. She signals but no one comes. Tally asks who she wanted her to meet but Shay just says he was one of her friends and his name is David. A few days later Shay talks to Tally about how she wants to run away to a place called The Smoke. Shay tells Tally about how a bunch of her friends were going to run away a long time ago but she chickened out and they all went without her. It was getting close to their sixteenth birthday and she didn't want to get the operation so she decided to run away and Tally is welcome to come with her. Tally refuses and tells her she wants to turn pretty. Dr. Cable (the special operation director) talks to her about how Shay should be getting the operation today too and she has disappeared. Tally refuses to tell Dr. Cable where Shay is. Dr. Cable tells Tally she can't get the operation until she helps them find Shay. Tally doesn't tell them for a few days until she gets sick of every one looking at her like she is a freak and asking her why she is still ugly. She tells her interface ring to send a ping message to Dr. Cable saying she will help them.
Shay runs away but leaves a note behind for Tally. the note had directions to The Smoke in a code that only Tally could understand. Tally goes to get the operation but they take her to Special Circumstances while talking to her about some problem with the operation. She gets to Special Circumstances and Dr. Cable (the Special Circumstances director) tells her that her friend Shay seems to have disappeared and should be having the operation today too. They said that if Tally would tell them where she went they could let Tally get the operation but until she helped them find her she couldn't get the operation and had to stay in Uglyville. Tally stays in Uglyville for a while but realizes everyone asks her why she isn't pretty and they all look at her like she is a freak. She decides to help Special Circumstances. She sends them a ping telling them she will help. They come and get her and she gives them the note and all the information about The Smoke she knows. Dr. Cable says she is going to send her to The Smoke with all the supplies she needs plus a heart shaped pendant necklace that she just holds up to her eye and it scans her eye print and will send a signal.
Tally and Shay sneak out a lot. They went to Rusty Ruins ( a place where all of the cars and metal from our time were stored and turned into a bunch of rusty stuff. that is why it is called Rusty Ruins) Shay told Tally about someone she wanted her to meet. Shay lit a signal sparkler but no one came. Shay said his name was David and he lives by Rusty Ruins in a place called The Smoke. The Smoke is where some of Shay's friends ran away to a few years ago and Shay backed out. A few days later Shay tells Tally about how she decided she was going to run away instead of get the operation. Tally was invited to come but refused. She said she wanted to turn pretty.
Special Circumstances comes and picks her up and asks her for all the information she knows. she tells them about how Shay said she was running away to a place called The Smoke and all she left behind was some directions. Tally gives Dr. Cable the directions and Dr. Cable says that she needs her to go to The Smoke and find Shay. Tally finally agrees and leaves. She follows Shays directions and goes through a lot of trouble to get there. Special Circumstances supplied everything she needed even a heart-shaped pendent that shows Special Circumstances where it is located if Tally holds it up to her eye and it scans her eye print. Tally finally gets to The Smoke.
Uglies book summary by Tory Sievers
6th period English
Shay, David and some others from The Smoke find Tally and go get her. They all just work the whole time they are there trying to build a new hover route. Tally and David start to talk a lot and become good friends. David decides to tally to go meet his parents. She finds out he has lived in The Smoke his whole life because they ran away. Tally found out that his parents used to be doctors that did the operation but found out something about the operation not only changing your body to become pretty , but also your mind. David's parents found out that the operation put lesions in your brain so you became stupid. That is the reason his parents ran away. Also, the special people didn't have lesions like Rangers and Special Circumstances.
Tally thinks about that and decides to throw the pendent away so she wont have to get the operation. She throws it in the fire to burn then goes to sleep. In the morning she finds that Special Circumstances have arrived and are taking over The Smoke. Dr. Cable finds her and talks to her. She asks if she activated the pendent and she lies to tell her she did.
Dr. Cable asked Tally to go find it and she tricks them so she can still get away. She gets away and goes on the hover track away to the cave. She finds David in there and they stay there and hide. after a day or so they go and look for David's parents. Neither of them are in their house and no where to be seen. They both go to Uglyville to see if they are there. They go to Special Circumstances to look for them. They get inside and find everyone. Finally they hear voices adn Tally knows that is Dr. Cable's voice but they don't recognize the other. They come out of the elevator and see that other voice was Shay's....... and she is Pretty.
Tally and David save everyone even Shay. They climb back out of the elevator shaft and David starts talking to his mom. He asks her where his dad is but she doesn't answer. he keeps asking until finally she yells to him telling him that his dad, Az, is dead. They go back to The Smoke and try to fix it. Shay is still dumb from the operation, but is still in The Smoke. Tally convinces Shay that she has lesions and needs to take the pills that David's mom had that are suppose to cure them. Shay wont take them because she doesn't believe she has lesions. Tally has Shay write a note because Tally doesn't know how to write. The note is to Tally in the future saying that she promises to take the pills after turning pretty just to see if they work and if they do they will use them on Shay. Tally goes back to Uglyville and stands under a hover car. When they pass by Tally they stop because she is wanted. When they stop she tells them how her name is Tally Youngblood and she wants to turn pretty.
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