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the impact of technology 2

No description

fire flames

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of the impact of technology 2

Impact of technology What is technology? Fast Facts Technology can be defined in
many ways, and many of you might
know what partially technology means.
But, the basic definition of technology describes it to be a technological process, invention and method, which is used for various ways for example it completes our task and desires more efficiently. Introduction
Technology The interaction between
humans and technology. The first computer
mouse was invented by
Doug Engelbart in the
1964 and was made
of wood. Since 2008,
video games
have out-sold
movie DVDs Fast Facts Fast Facts The first public cell
phone was made on
April 1st 1937 by
Martin Cooper What is the importance
of technology? Modern Technology has become very useful and
important in our lives. Our daily lives have been
improved and work became a lot easier. One of
the main aspects of technology is to reduce the
effort of work for us; in terms of communication,
transportation and so on. Communication Transportation Since technology has ruled the world, our means of
communication has been improved to the maximum.We
are now connected with people through the fastest and
most reliable sources of communication. Some of the
breakthroughs are the radios, telephone, satellite,and after
those came the more modern gadgets such as cellular phones,
computers and the internet. These have helped us
communicate with people from all over the world with just
easy access. Communication is a very important tool in our
lives to be able to keep in touch with other people. Modern
technology has provided us with a great privilege in terms of communicating. Health Modern technology has changed our entire view
of health. Now, we can lengthen out lifespan into
longer years. There are so many advancements
and breakthroughs of modern technology that helps
not only on the curing, but also preventing of sudden
illnesses. This is a way of lengthening our life. Also,
experts have found ways on how we can better
enjoy our life by simply improving our health. We
can choose to remain strong and healthy until our
old age. There are available products today
that we can use to maintain our healthy and
youthful ability. Before After The history of transport evolved
with the development of technology.
Years ago spaceships and humans
flying weren't science but science
fiction.Now the main way of
transportation is airplanes.This gives
you an idea about how much
transportation devolped. Before After The Development of Technology The start and
expansion of
Technology. Technology had a positive
impact on many things. Take
factories for example the
production increased, the
products were made more
efficiently,and the quality of
the product was good. By 1867 automation replaced
jobs that were mostly done by
hand in farms. The power
driven machines could
harvest crops that would take
farmers 1 year to harvest.This
made them extremely popular
amongst farmers. In many cities animals drawn carriages were replaced
by cars,but cars were to expensive, and only the
rich can afford them since cars are so
expensive the Canadian government created
2 more transcontinental railways for
transportation. Which only required a
purchase of a ticket. This made transportation
more affordable and more known world wide. Fast Facts In the year 2012
approximately 17
billion devices connected
to the internet. Fast Facts People view 15
billion videos
every month Amazon sells
more e-books
books Fast Facts One example how technology affected factories that manufactured shirts. Adam Beck founded
the Ontario Hydro-
electric commission
in 1906 at Niagara
falls, Ontario. Alexander Graham
Bell invented the
telephone in 1876. Thomas Edison was
famous for inventing
the light bulb, the
and the fluoroscope. Isaac Newton was famous
for inventing the reflecting
telescope and his 3 laws. This leads us to the concluding tree.
(end) THE
END Thank You By: Chintan Dave, Gursimran Lalli, Kishaanth Jayakamar, Herick Patel. adhfasghdgjhasgdjkhjkash
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