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MOBY MAX Presentation

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Paul Morris

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of MOBY MAX Presentation

Moby Max

Great tool for helping with RTI. The program supports the teachers and students in both English and mathematics.

Why Moby Max ?
differentiated practice
helps to remediate old skills
extended learning beyond school day
How does it help your students?
differentiate content
receive immediate feedback on student understanding
identify gaps in the curriculum
Teachers can:
individual as well as class and grade level performance
curriculum gaps for the students, classes, and grade levels
Administrators see:
Ease of Use:
teachers, parents, or students can log on from any computer or tablet to see progress or to work on lessons
Flexible Lesson Assignment:
Moby Max assigns lessons based on students performance on the placement tests; students can be reassigned a lesson if the score is lower than a set percentage
teachers can also manually assign lessons based on skills taught in class regardless of percent correct
teachers can delete assignments or reassign lessons as needed
The lessons are all based on the common core
Teacher friendly
easy to register your students
can easily check to see student progress & change lessons if needed
faq within website if you have a problem
support is excellent (normally respond within an hour of your question)
Fast Fact Practice
the first activity in every lesson (it can be turned on or off)
teachers can set response time to individualize for students
Student friendly
program will read problems aloud
hints are offered
stars are given for correct responses
earn badges, game time
Reports for each student:
overall statistics
grade level progress
last session scores, time spent, and problems complete
upcoming lessons
facts that have been mastered
Graphed reports:
grade level increase PER month
overall grade level progress
standards passed each month
$59 for a teacher license
$299 for a school license
This makes administrators happy...
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