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Minoans and Myceneans - Comparing and contrast

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Cody Leger

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Minoans and Myceneans - Comparing and contrast

Cultural Differences between Minoans and Myceneans Religion Myceneans Minoans Technology Technology War Tactics Religion -main protection: surrounding water
-did not place emphasis on organized defenses -was fought entirely with war ships
-ship battles between the Minoans and their enemies were decided by boarding actions and projectile fire War Tactics - very skillful at metal working

- as well as making jewelry

- Mycenaean learned the art of inlaying bronze with gold from the Minoans

- big houses with usually 4 rooms, they all had running water, bathrooms and toilets that flushed.

- the Minoan cities were connected by stone roads. - fashioned stone tools

-has industries and workers, workers for the metal industry (swords and weapons are fashioned) , textile industry and created perfumes and oils

- wore armor in battle

-local workshops created pottery, jewelry

- designed and built bridges and beehive shaped tombs -Kings relied on their refined warriors
-warriors performed as law enforcement during peace times and in wartime wore a hat that defined them as being military officers
-military status was highly valued in their society
-composed of several troop types organized into units and trained to use specific tactics depending on the particular troop type.
-supplied by a highly centralized, palace-based military bureaucracy Goddess was very connected to nature, like mother earth Goddess holds birds, to represent deep reverence of nature Had a male counter-part, sometimes a son and sometimes a husband. In Minoan religion, there is a male. No male. Female goddess is their supreme deity Imported elements of Minoan deities and mixed them together to create their own Goddess holds a shield, to represent her role as a warrior Goddess shows up mostly in iconography Language •The earliest writing found on Crete was Cretan Hieroglyphic.
•Linear A was found on Crete but has never been successfully deciphered.
•Minoan language is referred to as Eteocretan
•Linear A was first written on the island of Crete and was found in palaces and temples. Language •Linear B started out on the island of Crete and was a later form from Linear A that later moved to continental Greece.
•Linear B was considered a pre- Hellenic language that was used by the Mycenaean’s most
•Linear B was used between 1500 to 1200 BCE Art realistic paintings of landscape and society
no war or fighting portraits
peaceful treatment of animals
Developed vaphio cups
developed pottery paintings,often decorated with rectangular, circular, or spiral designs
reflects every day life of Minoans
produced silver jewelry
produced unique sculptures (Cycladic idols) as grave offerings
vibrant colors, smooth lines, and sense of nature
created three-dimensional figures Art abstract paintings of landscape and society
a lot of war and violence expressed in paintings
adopted vaphio cups
adopted pottery paintings
had thicker walls in their architecture to be safe from invaders
formal and geometric paintings
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