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susan lee

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Susan Lee Christian's Image of Satan What I want to know... The origin to modern day depiction of Satan A Christian's POV THE SEARCH Origin of the typical image of Satan The bible did NOT tell us what Satan looks like. How would Satan appear through a "different pair of eyes"? Satanism The LaVayen Satanists commonly used throughout popular culture What I know about this topic... music, media, and novels. South Park taught at an early age that Satan was evil. Many label Satan as symbol of temptation, evil, lust, etc. If Christianity is the main cause of influence in creating the image of Satan The Bible what does Satan really look like? How is he perceived in another
religion, like Satanism. Futurama In the Bible, he carried on a role as the "tempter and tester of faith" Despite brief appearances, he transformed into a "truly and evil creature in the minds of Christians" T Twisted corrupted corporeal sinful sadistic malevolent nowhere in the text described him donning a hooded cloak or carrying a pitchfork. "Paradise Lost" by John Milton created a profound impact on the writers, artists and illustrators, and filmmakers of the popular culture. = worship of Satan Anton Szandor LaVey LaVayen Satanism Followers were atheists who believed in:
personal initiative
self-determination in 1966 founded also, regarded as a philosophy rather than religion or man's inherent nature *carnal = Relating to physical, esp. sexual, needs and activities ThE eNd sees Satan as "the symbol that best suits the nature of us who are carnal* by birth" Thanks to this project, I was truly able to see a different light concerning Satan. It taught me to look at things with an open mind like Church of Satanism Also to work efficiently and quickly, instead of procrastinating. Mrs. Beal made it hard for me to even procrastinate because of the many little deadlines she assigned leading up to the FINAL due date. ~~CLASS ACTIVITY~~ materials needed:
pencil + eraser
(optional) markers, colored pencils
paper Now, draw your own version of what Satan looks like. Do you feel that Satan is a beautiful girl with short skirt with horns or a big tall guy with red skin or an alien? Doesn't have to be pertttyy!
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