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Auto-sterlizing door handle

No description

Alexandra Affolter

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Auto-sterlizing door handle

Our mission is to deliver the best solution to a global problem: illnesses that are caused by germs. Actually, our company can solve that problem thanks to the LED technology progress because we care about the people’s health.
The new auto-sterilizing door handle
Market opportunity
Competition & Swot Analysis
People that are very worried about their health
Very sensitive to hygiene questions
Our company is the only one on that market
Monday, April 29, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Product profile
Business overview
Sales Strategy
Auto-sterilizing door handle
Kills germs with ultraviolet rays
Public toilet doors are really dirty
Innovative system
Red light/Green light
This product is unknown by the general public

The target market is very large

A way to make low-cost advertising
Public health department
Finance the costs of our product’s promotion

Auto-sterilizing door handle
Led technology
Light that projects Ultraviolet rays
These UV rays kills germs
LED's project a red or green light
No germs on the door handle
Inform if toilets are occupied or not
A lot of different people who use the toilets

A need to prevent the spreading of germs

It can reduce illnesses at workplaces

Our solution can reduce absenteeism
Health care places
Need a place without germs

Germs are dangerous for their customers
The production need an important amount of money to begin
It is unknown by the public

It is a great idea
It is helpful
It is cheap

Pricing, Packaging & Place
99,00 USD.
It is cheap
A standard door handle : between 50,00 USD and 150,00 USD
It permits us a high margin

Nice box
Recycled cardboard to protect the environment

A website
Department stores, it is a possibility of development

broadcast TV spots
make ads in the newspaper
Sales men promote the self-sterilizing door handle
Financial overview
Costs for the beginning of commercialization
Financial overview
Financial overview
Break-Even Point
We need 200,000.00 USD
75,000.00 USD will be used for the production
130,000.00 USD : to prevent an out of stock
We want to continue to product during the launch of the first thousand of products
Financial overview
One year estimated budget
Mission statement
Capital Request
Thank you for your attention
Do you have questions ?
Auto-sterilizing door handle SA
91, St-Joseph Street
1870 Monthey
A well-organized project
Develop a complete door
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