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Why should we start school later?

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Jessica Rosales

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Why should we start school later?

Our Stand
Not enough SLEEP!
After School Activities
Starting School Later
We believe that starting school later may benefit many students who have sleeping problems, after school activities, low grades, concentration issues and many other morning problems that may affect their learning ability.
The graph shown to the right provides information on what time a student typically goes to sleep on school nights.

As we can see less then 50% of students go to sleep before 11:00pm causing them to not get the 8 to 9 hours of sleep needed to function correctly the following day.
http://debatewise.org/debates/1364-schools-should-start-later/ - pros & cons
From 1942 the larger numbers of sleeping hours have decreased dramatically while the smaller number of sleeping hours have increased.
School and community sports for teenagers have now also crept into school nights. While a generation ago, no teenager would be having practice and games on school evenings, many teenagers are regularly out on the athletic fields during the times that they should be beginning bedtime routines.
In reality, to have schools and other organizations suspend nighttime extracurricular activities for teenagers would be equally as difficult as the attempts to convince schools to delay start times.

Activities such as sports and work, along with family and social schedules, may make it difficult for students to adjust the time they go to bed.
Thomas Conrad, principal of the 1,000-plus student school in North Eastham, said the preliminary findings show that with the one hour later start time, there had been a 53 percent drop in the number of failing grades, and the number of days students were suspended for disciplinary reasons dropped from 166 to 19.
Research indicates that the majority of students are most likely to focus better, work harder, and try their best when they are fully awake.
The concentration levels of the students will increase as they have the chance to prepare themselves for the day ahead. If concentration is improved then the rise in grades will increase.
Students will have a greater opportunity of eating breakfast which will help the body begin to circulate and the mind to begin concentrating.
To Conclude...
In a nutshell, We believe all schools including ours should adopt the schedule of beginning school days at least an hour later. With an extra hour of sleep, not only would students have better attendance and better grades, but they'd also wake up with a more positive attitude . Honestly, sending students to school before they have had enough time to wake up will only result in them not learning to their full potential.
By: Jessica Rosales & Jose Contreras
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