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Pomona Parents Panel: new student orientation

Updated: August, 2013

Christopher Waugh

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Pomona Parents Panel: new student orientation

Student Resources at Pomona College
Student Affairs Division 2014-15
Ric Townes, Dean of Campus Life
Campus and Residential Life
Miriam Feldblum, Dean and Vice President
Jan Collins-Eaglin, Associate Dean
Daren Mooko, Associate Dean
The Dean of Students Office
Academic and personal support
24/7 on-call Dean system
Disability services
Student leadership and development
Student dinners with faculty and staff
Meeting Student Needs
Supporting Student Life:
Sponsor program and activities
RA support network
Faculty-in-residence program
Alcohol and drug counselor
Student leadership opportunities
Other services: ID Cards, "Zip Car," etc.
Sefa Aina, Director, Asian American Resource Center
Adriana di Bartolo, Director, Queer Resource Center
Anya Booker, Director, Office of Black Student Affairs
Maria Torres, Director, Chicano/Latina Student Affairs
Donald Delgado, Director, I-Place
Asian American Resource Center, Queer Resource Center, Women's Union, CUC Resource Centers
Thriving at Pomona:
Peer mentoring programs
Student programming and advising
Cultural activities and support services
Leadership, intern, & volunteer opportunities
Personal growth
Cross-campus programming
Social-justice focus
Mary Raymond, Director and Associate Dean of Students
Career Development Office
Maria Tucker, Director and Associate Dean of Students
Draper Center for Community Partnerships
Chris Waugh, Director and Associate Dean of Students
Smith Campus Center & Student Programs
Enriching the Student Experience:
Personalized career advising
On-campus recruiting
Career skill workshops
Alumni and parent connections
Academic year and summer internships
Sponsor Group Information Sessions, Fall 2013
Enriching the Student Experience
Community based courses
Volunteer activities
Educational outreach
Student leadership opportunities
Community engagement service awards and grants from $300 - $10,000
Enhancing Student Life:
Educational, recreational, cultural, and social programming & activities
Bystander Engagement Education
Outdoor Education Center and Orientation Adventure
Development of Student Government, student organizations, and student programming
Coop Fountain, Coop Store, KSPC Radio, Sagehen Cafe', Art Gallery, Bridges Auditorium
Transportation for student programs
Hundreds of student employment opportunities
CUC Health and Counseling Centers, Health Education Outreach, Chaplaincy, & Campus Safety
Denise Hayes, Vice President for Student Services, CUC
Shahram Ariane, Director of Campus Safety
Gary DeGroot, Director of the Counseling Center
Jennie Ho, Director of Student Health Services
Elizabeth Wilmott, Director of Health Education Outreach
Rev. Brad Tharpe, Rabbi Daveen Litwin, Father Joe Fenton, Chaplains
Balancing School and Life:
Claremont Colleges-wide Campus Safety department with dedicated Pomona officers
On-campus health, counseling, and health education outreach services
Full schedule and variety of worship services and support for
faith-based and interfaith

Thank you for joining us.
Supporting Student Life and Learning
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Supporting Student Life and Learning
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