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The Impact of Technology on Human Civilization

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Liam Idrovo

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of The Impact of Technology on Human Civilization

History of Technology
Stone Tools
Modern Day Technology
Throughout the years the technological world has definitely changed, From cars, cellphones, house appliances, to many more!
-Computers went from black and green screens to full color screens with high resolutions
-Cellphones have also advanced we went from bricks to smaller phones with black and white screens to now fully touchscreen cellphones. They are now computers as well!!
Helping robots
The Impact of Technology on Human Civilization
the use of science to invent useful things or solve problems.
television sets have also changed throughout the years we went from small screens that were barely visible with no sound or color to full functioning flat screen with 4k resolutions.
Technology and Medicine

We all have a lot of computing devices at home such as smartphones, laptop, tablets, desktops and smart T.V's

but the future is interested in changing all that
In the not so far future
Technology will be created to help us in our daily life and also for the pleasures we seek in life.
such as having hot coffee every morning
But for those who seek more adventure!
Space trips 100km above earth! for only $3,495
starting December 15, 2030
the Starbright Hotel on the moon, as well as the low orbital hotels that started accepting guests
with thirty minutes weightlessness during the three-hour flight, with four hours preparation
If traveling isn't your style
Are you kidding? Is it possible to beam myself?
No, of course not, but you can now make a 3-D projection of yourself anywhere in the world.
the Telebeamer.
September 12, 2035
cost US$ 12,900 each
Robots that do everything we can.
The use of stone evolved into copper, bronze, then iron.
Tools were required for Agricultural revolution, and later on, progress among civilizations.
Products Of Civilization
The creation of civilization and interdependence led to the development of new technology.
Sewer systems
Advanced Weaponry
Gutenburg's Printing Press
Developed during Protestant Revolution.
Allowed many to read bible.
Spread of literature and written works contributed to Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.
Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution led to the evolution of manufacturing.
As a result, Consumerism was born.
New technology continued to be developed in order to improve manufacturing.
Watt's Steam Engine
Technology in the future!
Cars of the future
Nero scientist are finding ways to read peoples minds with machines.
by translating electrical activity and decoding brain waves
The way we fight wars
Robots that challenge us
TRUE Personalized computers
Everything in one, cellphone computer, watch and more in one.
Universal translators
Not all will be pleasant
technology will make its users bigger target for cyber criminals as all will be done online and electronically.
Technology as fashion
As technology advances we will see less interaction with the world around us as we see that technology can provide us with just about everything. As we are using more and more technology everyday.
text messages per year
2004: 2.9BILLION
2014: 561BILLION
66 hours per month on the internet
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