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Maikro Romero

No description

Maria Tanner

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Maikro Romero

Maikro Romero and Javier Sotomayor
Maikros full name is Maikro Eusebio Romero Esquivel. His height is 5.4 he weighs 48 kg.He was born on December 9,1972 in Guantonamo. His weight class in Boxing is Lighweight.
Javier Sotomayor

Javier won gold medals for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics for high jump and in the 1993 World Championships in Stuggart.
Thank you Any Questions
Olympic Results
Maikro Defeated Eric Morel,Lernik Papyan,Elias Recaido,and Bolat Dzhamadilov in the 1996 Olympics at Atlanta and won the Gold Medal for Mens Flyweight Boxing. For the first time in his Olympic Career he lost to Brahim Asloum In 2000,Sydney Olympics but still managed to get a Bronze Medal.
Maikro struggling against Brahim in the 2000 Olympics.

Javier was born on October 13,1967 in Limonar Cuba. His height is 6 feet 5 inches. During his career Javier achieved:
* 192 jumps over 2.30 meters
*80 jumps over 2.35 meters
*21 jumps over 2.45 meters
Reg. Career
Mairo was a two time gold medalist in the Pan American games and in the 1997 World Amateur Boxing Championship.
Record Holder
Javier holds the record for worlds highest high jump at 8 feet no one since him has jumped that high.
Maikro Romero
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