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Getting To Know The Walt Whitman Community

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Katie Levin

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Getting To Know The Walt Whitman Community

Inside Our School Partnerships and Programs at Walt Whitman Elementary School Significant Building Walt Whitman Elementary School
Pontiac, Michigan
Some of our students participate in this program."The Azteca Boxing Team members are taught Olympic-style boxing, mental and physical discipline, self-worth and self esteem, sportsmanship and fair play, teamwork and camaraderie, about the importance of getting an education, and having drug-free friends in a drug free environment." The Community Around Our School Your mom gives you $10 to spend at the gas station. After you pay, the cashier gives you $2.25 back in change. What did you buy? Choose from the list below (you may buy multiples of the objects).

Starburst - 75
Hershey’s Bar - 75
Gum - 25
Fruity Pebbles - $3.00
Baseball - $3.50
Nail Polish - $1.50
Poptarts - $4.00
Slurpie - $2.00
Stickers – $1.50
Fuzzy Pen - 50
Eraser - 25 My students have been reviewing money for the MEAPs. Here is a high level task that I could give my students. This task requires different mathematical procedures and is open-ended to facilitate discussion. Third Grade High Level Task In first grade, students learn counting and money. An example of a high level task involving these two ideas would be if a student went to a gas station near the school to buy some gum that costs 20 cents. After explaining this scenario, I would ask the students how they could come up with 20 cents using pennies, nickels, and dimes. Possible answers could be: 2 dimes, 4 nickels, 20 pennies, 1 dime and 2 nickels, 10 pennies and 2 nickels, 1 dime 1 nickel and 5 pennies, etc...This is a high level task because the students are required to come up with their own solution to a problem that has many different answers. First Grade High Level Task
Because students are still too young to read, dictate the following high-level math task and have students draw their answers:
Antonio walks into a gas station and wants to buy some snacks. He has 6 circular coins and 4 rectangular dollar bills. Draw a pattern using those shapes. Project Excel after school program
Michigan State University internship program
Oakland University Field Placement
Education Students
Taco Bell--Principal's honor
Roll--All A students
Detroit Country Day--reading program (first and fourth grade classrooms)
Ongoing collaboration with retire teachers and staff
Cranbrook Science Institute--Museum field trips and outreach program
Office Max Foundation Award--$1,000
Awarded the MiBLIsi Grand for 2010-2011
Hispanic Outreach Program Kindergarten High Level Task While exploring our school's community, we found out there's a lot of tire stores and gas stations near our school. We found some of the parks that our students play at. We even found a local dollar store that many of students said they like to go to. We drove down some of the streets that we recognized from our student's bus routes so we could see what their living situations were like. Here are some examples of one of the houses we saw. Summary of What We Learned A local Marketplace directly across the street from Whitman A local park in a neighborhood across the street from Whitman One of the many tire shops in the surrounding area A large factory across the street from Whitman A dilapidated house in a neighborhood near Whitman Whitman's library does not have a librarian and goes unused Walt Whitman Elementary School is located in Pontiac, Michigan where the per capita income is $15,842. About 18.0% of families and 22.1% of the population are below the poverty line.
389 Students
97% Free/Reduced Lunch
36.4% African American
34.8% Hispanic
23.4% Caucasian
33% ELL Students
Met AYP in math

About Walt Whitman Whitman's computer lab has about 30 computers, not enough to accommodate a full class A view of Whitman One of the hallways leading to the office and front entry http://www.aztecaonline.org/ Many of our students live in this neighborhood, located across the street from Whitman For our high level tasks, we decided to base our problems around a gas station situation because there is a gas station located right next to our school. Our tasks deal with scenarios where students use money to buy things (gum, candy, etc) at a gas station. High Level Tasks It's helpful to know that many of our students don't speak English as their first language at home so any lesson we teach them might be more difficult, and we need to be prepared. It's good to know that since there are many stores and gas stations close to the school that our students are probably seeing money exchanges as examples of real-life math. Reflection Katie Levin, Katie Capili, Katherine Banerian, Alicia Mendelson
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