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Cinco de Mayo

No description

Hiroki Thometz

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo
Puebla, Mexico
May of 1862:
French Army in Mexico fighting towards Mexico City
French hope to force the Mexican Government to honor previous debts
Outside of Puebla, Mexican soldier (no training and poor equipment) defeat the French
Battle of Puebla celebrated every May 5th
It is not Mexican Independence Day
Important to Mexican History
Mexican Independence Day is on September 16
Celebrates unlikely victory
A Great Dictator Arose
Porfirio Diaz Distinguished himself in the Battle of Puebla
1876: he reached presidency
did not leave until the Mexican Revolution kicked him out in 1911 (a rule of 35 years)
remain one of most important presidents
got his start on the original Cinco de Mayo
Not a big deal in Mexico
There are family gatherings, fireworks, feasts, and more
Independence Day is greater
Best place to go is Puebla
Important to Mexican outside of Mexico
Mexican Emperor
After Battle of Puebla: French regrouped and received reinforcements
French Marched into Mexico City
1864: French brought Maximilian of Austria
Maximilian became the Emperor of Mexico
Maximilian's heart was in the right place, but most Mexicans did not want him
1867: Maximilian was over thrown by forces loyal to President Benito Juarez
Los Angeles
Every year the "Festival de Fiesta Broadway" is on May 5th or the closest Sunday
Parades, food, dancing, music, and more
hundreds of thousands of people attend annually
Bigger than Festivals in Puebla
Celebrations also take place in...
New York City
The World's largest Cinco de Mayo Party takes place in...
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