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Lana del Rey - My Idol

No description

Lana Del Rey

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Lana del Rey - My Idol

Start of the Career
Elizabeth Grant , daughter of the businessman Rob Grant, was born in New York in 1986, growned up in the city of Lake Placid. In next , participated of the Fordham University studying philosophy known of metaphysics.Before her uncle had trained to play the guitar , she realized that she can write a million if musics with these six ropes , she started to perform in clubs around the city with several stage names like : "Sparkle Jump Rope Queen" and "Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena". To started to perform with the stage name of Lana del Rey , she changed to London , passing 2010 in meetings with labels , then refused her work.
Born to Die and Paradise - 2012 to currently
Born to Die arrived on the top of the stops of iTunes in 18 countries and became , in France , the most fast selled album in digital format.The single "Video Games" was named "Best new Track".
My Favorite Music of Lana del Rey - Carmen
Lana del Rey - My Idol
Elizabeth Woolridge Grant , most popular for your stage name , Lana del Rey , before , Lizzy Grant , is a famous singer-songwriter and a nort-american model.She gets famous after posting the video of the song "Video Games" in your channel on VEVO and the realease of the album "Born to Die" , and the songs made sucess on iTunes Store.

Lana del Rey already had an EP called "Kill Kill" in 2008 , yet with the stage name Lizzy Grant. Realease her first album of studio called "Lana del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant", and was removed by the label.
First Album with stage name Lana del Rey
In 30th January of 2012 , through the labels Interscope Records and Stranger Records , realead her first album with stage name Lana del Rey , called "Born to Die". The album generated seven singles , being two promocionals.In the last two months of 2012 , happened the relaunch of "Born to Die" , now with the name "Born to Die - The Paradise Edition".
Born to Die
Born to Die - The Paradise Edition
Now she's recording her new short film , called "Tropico" , with the songs: Body Eletric , Gods and Monsters and Bel Air.
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