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Intercultural Adaptation

No description

Jaime Yela

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Intercultural Adaptation

values Loss of time due to managing our differences Lack of
Communication Conclusion: Start Intercultural communication
focuses on social attributes, thought
patterns, and the cultures of
different groups of people. Enrichment of team projects, influenced by our different backgrounds and experiences.

Our varying points of view help to create a well-rounded, global view on issues.

Different skill sets help us to better succeed as a group than individually. Stumbling Blocks Working as an international team is challenging at times, but smart management can help us positively channel our differences to succeed! Cultural Adaptation Our team Members: Team Strengths Language.
Assumption of similarities, but in fact different values.
Different ways of communicating (high/low context, direct/indirect) Mohamed Mahmoud - Egypt
Dewi Nuryati - Indonesia
Jaime Yela - Colombia
Julien Le Bars- France
Rachel Lowenstein - United States
Safiul Azam - Bangladesh
Ye Song - China How can we manage this international group? Agree upon how we will work (schedule, time, who does what)
Be tolerant of our differences.
Establish rules about what can or should be discussed at meetings (we decided: politics and religion are a “no”)
Awareness of others’ values by getting to know each other
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