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Michelangelo's sculpture

Jessica Miller

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Pietà

Pietà Michelangelo only signed one work of art in his life and the pieta was it. The Pieta is a statue that shows Mary holding her dead son Jesus after he died on the cross. A mentally Disturbed geologist named Laszlo Toth walked in to the chapel and started to attack the sculpture with a hammer while yelling "I am Jesus Christ." The Pieta is currently located in the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. It took Michelangelo less then only two years(1498-1499) to create this sculpture. Michelangelo's interpretation on the pieta was very different then other artist's. That is why instead of a somewhat older and broken hearted women, he created a youthful, at peace and celestial virgin Mary. The marks of Jesus's Crucifixion are seldom there are very small nail marks and an indication of the wound in Jesus' side. The Pieta is one out of four different sculptures of the same theme by Michelangelo. The Pieta is the most magnificent, well detailed and most famous of the four. By: Jessica Miller
and Kaci Wellendorf
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