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Social Networking

No description

Jay Smith

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Social Networking

- Google yourself and other members of household
- Have the talk, often
- Monitor kids online activity and behavior
- Check and double check privacy settings and look for site safety centers
- Install and update security monitoring software
- Use commonsense and impart it to your children
- 73% mobile users
- 189 million mobile- only users
- Mobile ad revenue up 30%
What is Social Networking?
1 billion unique monthly visitors, 4 billion views per day
6 billion hours of video watched every month
50% more hours of video watched in 3/13 vs 4 billion 8/12 and 3 billion 5/12
Reaches more 18-34 yr olds than any cable network
Review Forums
Social Networking
Rising Numbers
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Sites that provide anyone with a virtual environment to share stories, pictures, videos, and experiences with friends and acquaintances

Allows anyone to choose their audience: a limited community or with the world at large
Twitter: 55-64 yrs age bracket is the fastest growing- 79% since 2012
Over the past 2 years, mobile phones internet access has increased by over 60% to 820 million
71% of social media users access sites from a mobile account
50% of mobile smartphone users access social media every day
189 million Facebook users are "mobile only"
Monthly active users over 1.19 billion- 95% daily
Over 1 million websites integrated with Facebook
1.13 trillion likes
10 million apps
- Fastest growing social network by active users
- 100 million daily active users
- 500 million registered accounts
- Over 17 billion tweets sent
- Over 500 million per day
- 75% of users on mobile (200% increase since 2012
- 77% of users are outside the US
- New, extremely popular, aspect of social networking, as sites are linking to Facebook, twitter, etc and have mobile apps
- Huge impact of businesses and perception
- Facebook is leader for positive reviews, other sites overwhelmingly feature negatives
- 1k Facebook likes = over 1400 website views
- 23% of companies are investing in social media
- 46% of online users count on social media for purchases and expect online costumer service
Sites to keep an eye on...
Average American spends of 3 hours a day online (5 on tv)
27% on Social Networking
73% of all internet users
42% using multiple sites
83% of 18-29
2 biggest, most interesting new trends are older populations use of social media and mobile use
Purchased by Facebook for $715 mill. in 2012
150 million users- 7.3 million daily users
Over 16 billion images shared in under 3 years- 55 million a day
New video option- 5 million in the first hour
18-29 year old usage up 10% in 2013.
Graph Search
Facebook mining of data
Protect yourself!
Consistently check privacy settings and tweak them your comfortable level
Limit what you post in your profile
Recheck post from years ago
27% of users never check privacy settings
- 2013- 56% increase in page views and 81% increase in visitors
- 56 billion page views in 2013
- 731 million unique visitors
- 4.8 billion monthly page views

- 102 million blogs
- 44.6 billion posts
- 45% of users under 35
- More popular with 13-25 yr olds than Facebook
- Average 23 min. per visit
- 225 million users in 200 countries
- 2 new users join every second
Dangers of Social Networking
- Average family has 2-3 PCs, 1.5 smartphones, and 1 tablet
- 52 million unauthorized attempts at Social Networking in the past month

- Teens:
- 92% use real name and photo
- 82% share bday
- 71% share City and school
- 53% email
- 20% cell phone #
It will search through your email
Creepers with no blocking
They know you even if you arent a user
Default is to share data with 3rd parties
- 3 year old, Latvian run company
- 57 million users, adding 200k daily
- Linked to cyberbullying, harrassment, and suicides
General sites
- Facebook, twitter, myspace, etc
Cultural sites- Sonico, VKontakte, Blackplanet, etc
Business sites
- linkedin, The Squad Room, Kickstarter, etc.
- Tumblr, Wordpress, live journal
Review Forums:
Yelp, Amazon, Tripadvisor
Facebook: 45-54 yrs age bracket is the fastest growing- 46% percent since 2012
Purchased by Facebook for $16 billion in 2014
450 million monthly users- 70% using daily
19 billion messages sent daily- including photo and video
25% 16-18 year olds- increasing 160% in 2013

- 30 million users since 9/12
- Extremely popular among teens
- Dangers of bullying, sexting, and threat communication
Jessica Smith
- Cyberbullying

- Sexting
- Adult Sexual Misconduct

- Gangs
- Revenge Porn
Why do we use social networking?

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