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jason beaty

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of INCENTIVE PAY

Pepsi Save the Company While Increasing 4
Natural Work Teams Safety Revenue Overtime
Production $500,000 GOAL: Each employee to be accident free for a year.
REWARD: $10,000 will be split equally amongst everyone who is accident free for a year. This could result in a minimum of $1,000 per employee.
Production (We have 10 production people) COST VS. BENEFITS: $10,000 spent to reward safe employees, inspires behavior that will save thousands of dollars in medical costs and high risk insurance SALES (6 employees)
GOAL: Increase individual sales by 10% monthly
REWARD $2,000 bonus $350,000 x 10% increase = $35,000 extra. 65% to company $22,750 35% divided amongst eligible employees = $12,250 THAT Means 2,000 a person! PRODUCTION (10 employees)
Employees that meet and exceed monthly set production goals for 1 month straight, without using overtime REWARD 5 hours of accrued time off That’s 60 hours of time off A week and a half off WAREHOUSE (7 employees)
Drivers and Loaders Increase cases loaded an hour by 20% REWARD LUNCH IS ON US PROGRAM A $25 gift card to numerous restaurants $9,100 Yearly Cost of Gift Cards ($25 Gift Cards X 7 Employee X 52 Weeks) $76,440 Yearly Overtime Savings (7 Employees X 10 A Week X $21 wages X 52)
65% TO EMPLOYER X 76,440 = $49,686 35% TO EMPLOYEES =$26,754 $26,754 EMPLOYEE / 7 PEOPLE/ 52 WEEKS = $73.50 But $50 a week will be sufficient motivation
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