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The skills and career path of an effective project manager

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Ting Zhang

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of The skills and career path of an effective project manager

The Skills and Career Path of an Effective Project Manager
Major skills of project managers

Project manager career path

Study results

I. Human skil
ability to work well with others
sensitive to needs and know how to motivate others
- how to develop :
1. recognize the feelings
2. have attitude about own experiences
3. develop ability to understand others
4. know how to communicate

Major Skills of Project Managers
Project Manager Career Path
Patterns of career orientation

Spiral career
: periodic major moves across occupational areas
Linear career
: progressive steps towards hierarchy decisions
Expert career
: lifelong commitment to an occupational field/specialty
Transitory career
: moving from one job/field to another

The conceptual framework
Stage 1
85 project managers were to describe personal characteristics, traits and skills of the best project managers they knew
Skills of best project managers would be clustered into three main categories
Human Skill
Conceptual and Organizational Skills
Technical Skills
Salah El-Sabaa
Presenting by:
Cecilia von Beetzen
Lindsey Trujillo
Wilson Tsoi
Ting Zhang

Study Result
The most important skill - human skill
Difference between project manager and functional managers career path
Cultural differences?

Stage 2
A questionnaire was developed based on 18 skill items
- Scores ranged from 1-7
126 Project managers were asked to fill in the questionnaire
- Information systems projects
- Electricity projects
- Agricultural projects
Raw scores from the main three categories were converted into percentile scores

Stage 3

2nd Questionnaire was developed to collect info about the career path of both project manager and functional manager
Functional – person in charge of one of the functional departments
- Accounting, Finance, or Production
Same 126 project managers who filled the second questionnaire were asked to fill out a third
They added 94 other functional managers from a variety of sectors to fill out the same questionnaire

2. Conceptual
Organizational Skill
ability to view the project as a whole
- how the diff. functions are interdependent
- how changes can have an effect on other

ability to understand a specific kind of activity
ability to analyze in the use of the tool and techniques of discipline
successful project managers
-relevant experience or technical knowledge required by the project they manage
3. Technical Skill
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