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Hesah AlA

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Managing Diversity in Islamic Banks Done By:
Hesah AlEnezi Rawan AlAsad
Anfal Hussain Dalal AlSuwaidan Main Idea of the Research Four Main Elements: The Research was based on: The Importance of diversity in Islamic Banks. Results of the Survey: About the Survey: The Impact and effectiveness of diversity. Diversity practice is important in Islamic Banks. The importance of diversity in Islamic Banks. Survey Was conducted:
- Age Differentiations.
- Gender.
- Variety of majors of students studying at AUK Shared knowledge and experience - employees. Diversity greatly impacts private organizations. Employees should be treated Equally. The impact and effectiveness of diversity. Pros/Cons of diversity in an organization. Discrimination should be banned in organizations. Interview with the General Manager of an Islamic Bank. Out of 100 responded and 100% of the survey were usable Creates a positive atmosphere Better work - better outcomes. Conflict Resolutions. Impacts employee's job satisfaction. Results of the Survey: Pros/Cons of diversity on Organizations. Advantages of having diversity: Exposed to new ideas. Learning from experience Opened to different cultural backgrounds Disadvantages of lacking diversity. No developments Woman's position being denied. Being paid less Pros/Cons of diversity in an organization Survey Results: Discrimination should be banned in organization. Discrimination includes gender, nationality. Results of the Survey: Survey Result in general: Diversity is important in any workplace. Diversity is effective - goals. Interview Mr. Jassar AlJassar as a general Manager of Islamic Bank in Kuwait Interview: Jassar AlJassar Points: Makes Kuwait a regional Islamic Banking Center. Diversity is important to compete internationally. Conclusion: Diversity is needed regardless the sector. It should include nationality, ages, and gender. Understanding diversity thoroughly. Islamic banks should expand. Reference: Moussawi, Chawki EL, and Hassan Obeid. "Evaluating The Productive Efficiency
Of Islamic Banking In GCC: A Non Parametric Approach." International Research Journal Of Finance & Economics 53 (2010): 178-190. Business Source Complete. Web. 2 Apr. 2013. Islamic Banks are different from other Banks. The important role of women/ expats. Do you think applicants should have fair treatment?
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