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Invitation Text

No description

nadia imawangi

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Invitation Text

a written or spoken request for someone to go somewhere or to do something
The act of inviting; the requesting of a person’s company; as an invitation to a party, dinner, or to visit a friend.
something that encourages someone to do something or that makes something more likely to happen

Definition Of invitation
The purpose of invitation is to invite someone to come to some events like birthday party,dinner invitation, wedding etc, and to invite the presence of an individual or groups of patrons for a celebration or an important function. It can be an informal or formal affair.
An invitation letter is just what the term implies, it's an invitation to something. It can be an invitation to:
• a celebration
• a special function
• an open house
• a company function
• an introduction of a new product or program
• take advantage of a special offer

Invitation Text
• Formal Invitation : is usually originate from institute, companies, and kind of it. Normally, Formal Invitation is written invitation.
• Informal Invitation: is personal invitation given to a friend, family, etc. Informal Invitation can be written invitation or verbal invitation.

Diasrani Khairunnisa (07)
Hanafia Munzy R ()
M. Hanif Djawawi (18)
M. Alvin Pratama (19)
Nadia Imawangi (24)
Nadira Kalisya (25)
Nisrina Nada (26)
Rashelia Gina (30)

Types of invitation text
Purpose of Invitation Text
Purpose of Invitation Text
Generic Structure of Informal Invitation
Title or type of event: including the purpose or type of event will be held.
Orientation: inform about what will or who will come.
Date and time: including when or where the event will be held.
Closing: including hope of the writer to the reader to come to his/ her event.

Language Features
• Use detailed date,time,and place to tell where and when the events begin. Example:
• Using persuasive words to persuade people to attend the events. Example: please come to my birthday party
• If conditional. Because it talks about possibility in the future.
if we have many recipients, we can use universal noun, likes :you,all of you,all + subject.
Ex : Specific recipient = To : Andy,DearTommy,etc
• Non specific / universal recipient = Dear all students of SMAN 34
• Using future tense.Ex : The party will be held in October 2014
• Adjective. To express writer’s feeling. Example: I will be very happy if you come
• Invitation expression.
Example: would you come to my party that will be held on September 17th?

Birthday Party

Dear my friend I hope you well so I will held my 14th birthday party can you come to my party it will be held on:
place: my home sweet home bougenvile street number 54
date: april 22nd 2012
time: 16.00 until end

so i will wait for you to come to my party, i will be happy if you come to my birthday party.


Learning Suggestion
Here are few steps for you to make invitation letter easier to learn:
1. Get a help form the teacher or your friends.
2. Look for the invitation
you can try to look for the invitation by your own on internet.
3. Understand the content of the invitation
Learn the structure and language features from the invitation that you find on the internet.
4. Make invitation letter by your own
try to make an invitation letter by your own. If you continue to make the invitation, you can get better in learning the invitation.
5. Ask yout teacher or your peers to proof read you invitation
If you made mistakes in your invitation try to find correct answers and revise it.

How To Express
• Let’s go to the Jakarta Fair!
• I hope you’ll come to my party.
• Please try to come.
• Would you like to come to my house?
• Would you like to join us?
• Are you free this afternoon?
• I would like to invite you to…

• I’d love to.
• I like that.
• It sounds interesting.
• It’s very nice of you to invite me.
• That would be wonderful.
• That sounds great.
• Thank you for the invitation.

• I’d love to, but I can’t.
• Sorry, I’m really busy.
• I’d love to, but I have many homeworks.
• I’m afraid I can’t.
• I’m really sorry.
• I’d love to, but I won’t be able to come, because…
• Sorry I can’t. I have to go to Jakarta this evening
Based on our paragraphs above, we can conclude that invitation is something that encourages someone to do something or that makes something more likely to happen

The generic structure has 4 part, they are Title or type of event that including the purpose or type of event will be held, Orientation that inform about what will or who will come, Date and tim which including when or where the event will be held, and Closing that including hope of the writer to the reader to come to his/ her event
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