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Higher Education in an Age of Disruption: Challenges and Strategies for EMU

Presentation by Fred Kniss and Brian Gumm to EMU Strategic Planning Council, August 2012

Brian Gumm

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Higher Education in an Age of Disruption: Challenges and Strategies for EMU

Discussion Vision Shared vision: IS + Academic + Administration
Systemization and process to harness/direct innovation (not squelch it)
Fuzzy walls: Distance Learning + Classroom Tech
Capacity building: Working with faculty champions of ed-tech innovation
Collaboration: MEA/sister schools, other partners? Ed-tech Strategy for EMU The ed-tech ecosystem CJP – Webinars and more online classes
EMS – Synchronous online CPE cohort
MBA – Concurrent hybrid classes
MSN – Expanded use of synchronous online
Undergraduate – Online video lectures and “power” Moodle use
Lancaster – Bridging campuses with ed-tech
Collaboration - MEA, sister schools Already underway at EMU How did I get this job? What are we doing now?
What should we do in the near future?
What choices must be made soon?
What are longer-term strategic trajectories? Questions High quality at scale
Competing on convenience
Integrating academic and career preparation
Problem-focused research Competitive disruptions Alternative education platforms and delivery
Proliferating access-focused institutions
Students as consumers
Disruption from above
Disruption from below
Influence of regulators and "venture philanthropists" Environmental disruptions Our core mission and identity are relatively stable over time
We use technology where it can help us advance our mission and identity
We pay attention and respond to changing environments
“Neither early nor late adopter be” EMU and Technology The three-legged stool MOOCs
Disruptive change
Flipped classrooms
Classroom capture
Adaptive learning
Learning analytics, performance dashboards
Competency-based credentialing
Digital badges, microcertification
Swirling New lingo We expect our kind of residence-based face-to-face educational experience to persist, but if we are to flourish in an environment with increased stressors, we need to be wise and innovative in making use of new technology and responding to changing environments and constituents. Context Challenges and Strategies for EMU
Fred Kniss & Brian Gumm, August 13, 2012 Higher Education in an Age of Disruption Higher Education in an age of Disruption Distance Learning Technology Strategy for EMU LMS Learning Management System – Moodle
The “hub”
Grading, work submission
Schedule, activities
Course documents, resources Web Conferencing Virtual classroom – WebEx
Live engagement
Multi-mode communication
Small group collaboration: Google+ Hangouts Video/
Rich Media
Platform Video/rich media platform – Kaltura?
Marketing: Campus “YouTube”
Education: Flipped classroom, distance learning
Social media ready, integrated into LMS (Source: Education Advisory Board)
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