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Morgan Facility Plan Options

No description

Parrish Construction

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Morgan Facility Plan Options

Current Facility Analysis
Option 1
Option 2
Funding Sources
Interest Income
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB)
Equipment Grants for CTAE
Technology Grants
Facility Planning Priorities
1. Safety/Security
2. Health
3. Programming
4. Life-Cycle Costs/Energy Efficiency
5. Funding/Fiscal Responsibility
6. Traffic Flow

Option 1 Feasibility Summary
Option 2 Feasibility Summary
PHASE 1 Base Data
● Helps define Morgan’s unique situation
● Allows stakeholders to have access to the same information
● Leads to informed decision making based on real data
● Builds public trust and accountability

Establish Goals, Analyze the Data, &
Assess Potential Solutions
● Strong academics with lots of course options for many college/career paths
● Excellent STEM, Fine Arts, Special Education, and Gifted programs
Early grades do a nice job of meeting students where they are
● Ample tools and technology available to students and teachers
● School calendar and MCHS late in Thursday offer good mix of learning and rest

Stakeholder Feedback Summary

1. Identity/Image Perception of Morgan County Schools
2. Safety, Security, and Traffic
3. External Growth Factors
4. College and Career Academy Opportunities
Topic Tables
(Students, Staff, and General Public)
● Community holds the school system in high regard - Continue to involve community
Outside perception of system's academics is outstanding
Qualified, motivated, loyal, and caring staff- People want to work here
● Safe, friendly environment for students and teachers
School Resource Officers are critical
Staff provided with most of their needs and many of their wants
● Terrific community support and parental involvement
● Fiscally sound leadership
System has taken advantage of joint-use opportunities with local groups - Continue
Needs Improvement
Needs Improvement
Needs Improvement
● Latter grades struggle to gain attention of students who lack academic strength (need more career based options)
● Concerns about increased testing at the expense of instructional time
● Concerns around meal quality/quantity and the small amount of time allotted for eating
MCHS Students leaving campus unaccounted for during school day
MCHS Club Day's perceived lack of structure and inability to police activities
● Students should earn the right to study at new college and career academy - create premium
Extend college and career classes/opportunities to lower grades
Develop a social media strategy
● Perhaps create "Rules for Drivers" to help facilitate drop-off/pick-up
● Review options to decrease students' time on buses and consider options for separating older students from younger
Consider more staggering of start/end times to reduce traffic congestion
● Leadership turnover at various schools - need stability in administration
Perception of low teacher pay scale in comparison to some area systems
Some parents do not follow directions which can cause safety concerns
● Work closely with city/county planners to facilitate discussion on housing types and other planning considerations
Seek to better understand how home schooling is affecting enrollment
Facilitate work based learning opportunities with local businesses and encourage business leaders to mentor students
Reevaluate background check policy and make mandatory for chaperones
Strictly enforce staff badge policy
Reevaluate substitute teacher process - difficult to get substitutes because of process/paperwork
● Facilities and grounds are kept clean and despite the age of some buildings, many have been patched well
● MCHS has a college campus feel
Freshman academy provides for a smoother transition between middle and high school
Schools are well located with respect to overall location within the County
Extracurricular activity facilities are convenient to most schools
Excitement around the discussion of a new college and career academy
● Concerns about how much longer some facilities can be effectively "patched" and the overall safety of some buildings
Discussion that some system facilities have fallen behind many others in our area
Existing facilities, particularly at MCHS and MCMS, were built in the 1950s and 60s and do not meet current code
Some facilities lack curb appeal and halls are dark/uninviting - MCMS and MCHS were discussed the most
MCHS and MCMS facilities are outdated and not conducive to 21st century teaching methods
Many school buildings have substandard restroom facilities
The recent sharp decline in MCMS enrollment may be a result of the facility's perception
Perception of isolation for MCMS and poor overall climate due to facility
Safety concerns including lack of lighting, signage, and fencing, and number of entry and exit points into school buildings
● Need for more cameras and staff to monitor daily activities -Need for warning systems and more intruder drills
Traffic is a concern on Pearl St., College Ave., and East Avenue (Circulation patterns need to be reviewed/addressed)
Limited parking for extracurricular events (specifically events at the MCHS auditorium and football/basketball games)
● Move MCMS to create a more unified campus feel and facilitate information flow between MCHS, MCMS, and CCA
Locate college and career academy as close as possible to MCHS and MCMS
Consider a new performing arts facility
Plan not to primarily attract growth, but to better suit the needs of the current population
Relocate the bus shop and fuel storage to mitigate safety risks (tank explosion) and bus traffic concerns
Reconsider the "No walk to school" policy and potential trail options
Consider new road to Hwy 441 by-pass to mitigate traffic congestion
Explore measures that could be taken to encourage more students to ride buses thus decreasing drop-off traffic
Stakeholder Feedback Summary

1. Identity/Image Perception of Morgan County Schools
2. Safety, Security, and Traffic
3. External Growth Factors
4. College and Career Academy Opportunities
Topic Tables
Set clear, but preliminary objectives based on Phase 1 data:
● Guides Phase 2 decision making and final data gathering
● Identifies data gaps and groups/resources to fill the gaps
● Leads to targeted questions and great feedback

Assess and prioritize potential solutions and the Planner’s Toolbox
Formulate potential solutions by progressing through the Planner’s Toolbox
Considering priorities, costs, and available funding
Questions for Board Guidance
Land Use Feasibility?
Funding Feasibility?
Middle School Relocation Feasibility?
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