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English High School Prep

No description

Liz Miller

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of English High School Prep

High School Prep
5 Sentence Basics
1) CAPITAL LETTER to start the sentence.
2) Needs one of these three PUNCTUATION marks at the end: period . exclamation mark ! or question mark ?
3) Needs a SUBJECT
4) Needs a VERB
5) Must be a COMPLETE IDEA
Context Clues
Context clues are words and phrases in a sentence that help you identify the meaning of words that are unfamiliar.
Find the Wrong Answer First -Use Process of Elimination
You want to eliminate the answers that you know are wrong - thereby greatly improving your odds of being right.

However, sometimes you may not be exactly sure whether an answer is wrong so that you can get rid of it. So what you want to do in that case is to compare one answer to another and determine which answer is "more wrong" than another.
Take Your Time
1) Read the Direction.
2) Don't RUSH through the test. Take your time and think about each question.
3) Write on the test. - Circle words you don't know, highlight important parts, write notes.
4) Skip questions you don't know and go back later with a fresher mind.
Practice Run-on Sentences
INCORRECT: They weren't dangerous criminals they were detectives in disguise.

CORRECT: They weren't dangerous criminals; they were detectives in disguise.

INCORRECT: I didn't know which job I wanted I was too confused to decide.

CORRECT: I didn't know which job I wanted, and I was too confused to decide.
Run-on Sentences
How to use commas
What's a Complete idea?
This morning I ran in the park, I also ate breakfast, then I drank coffee; I did all of that before 9AM. Next I went to school, then I had to attend English class, and I am not sure if I understood everything, because sometimes the class can be really difficult, plus it's in a foreign language!
How many sentences is it?
A fragment is a part of a sentence, but it is incomplete. Therefore, it is not a complete sentence.
Ex. Not at all.
When running in the park.
Although she isn't listening
1) Figure out what part of speech the word is - Subject, Verb, Adjective
2) Consider if it looks like another word you know
3) Can you substitute the word for another word you know
4) Using the Context Clues - Read one sentence before and after the sentence with the problem word to help you guess.

Cross off wrong answers first, it is easier, then to decide which answer is best.
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