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Basic ALP created during PDC

Autumn 2012 - Pre Diploma

Graeme Farrer

on 23 December 2012

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Transcript of Basic ALP created during PDC

Graeme Farrer T/a Morpheus a.k.a Permaculture Solutions !!! My Action Learning Pathway How It All Began... What I want to Do: I completed my Permaculture
Design Course - Autumn 2012 - reading permaculture books
(books available to me
via creation of book library)

- attending urban specific
permaculture workshops

- visiting places of permaculture
interest to see theory in action How I Will Achieve This: - create facebook page to connect with others,

- share permaculture related media online

- display Promotional Material received
from permaculture association in dome

- display current & back issues of
permaculture magazine in dome

- display permaculture book library in dome

- demonstrate theory in action by example

- create blog to share ideas and my pathway How Will I Achieve This: - design 15ft diameter 2v dome using calculators

- determine requirements according to £500 budget

- source bamboo as example of a sustainable material

- recycle discarded plastic waste piping for connectors

- construct connectors, drill, bolt and connect struts

- develop dome covering and fastenings

- design and install 12v led lighting system

- catch and store solar power to portable 12v supply

- kelly kettle for hot water generation How Will I Achieve This: To fully understand the
principles and ethics of
permaculture and how I can integrate this into my life to become a living example. Where Now ??? A New Vision...Permaculture Solutions !!! I had my introduction to Permaculture @ Boom Festival, Portugal 2002 A lifelong interest in horticulture, from an early age with my grandfather, then professionally as a tutor/trainer/mentor, developing & delivering accredited learning. 2012 Major Life Changes !!! A Year of Personal Transition. Share knowledge of Permaculture, aid design and creation of sustainable habitats, combining my skills gained,
with a bit of conscious dreaming !!! What I want to Do: To create a permaculture
related book library for self reference and loan, via display at physical locations, postal service and online on a not-for-profit basis. How will I Achieve This: Ferryhill - Create permaculture book wish list

- £200 Budget (available Dec 2012)

- Obtain used but good condition where possible

- Incorporate selected horticultural books
- chosen from my personal collection

- Display available loans at various events
- via Geodesic Dome Project (2013/4)

- Investigate postal options and costs

- develop web page for service online (2013)

- review service and develop on feedback (2014) What I want to Do: To design and build a geodesic dome shelter constructed from sustainable materials and for multiple purposes at various locations. What I want to Do: To design and deliver
a series of short duration(30mins-2hrs) permaculture related workshops for delivery at various locations. How Will I Achieve This: How Will I Achieve This: How Will I Achieve This: - reading "Permaculture Teaches Guide"

- meeting periodically with permaculture
teachers in the North East England

- applying previous experience of delivering learning to new material on location

- encouraging feedback from participants in order to develop sessions delivered in dome What I want to Do: To share and promote permaculture both online and at various locations, via displaying of promotional material, encouraging discussion and by demonstration. To Be Continued...
Thanks for looking Autumn 2012 I completed my Permaculture
Design Course - Autumn 2012 Prior To My Decision To Work Toward Achieving The Diploma in Applied Permacilture Design ;0)
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