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Animals of the Rainforest Julia

No description


on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Animals of the Rainforest Julia

Animals of the Rainforest
Howler Monkey
By Julia
Ms. Prescilla class
3rd Grade

Howler Monkeys eat small birds
leafs. Also maggots fruit flowers.
Sometimes nuts and seeds they also eat blossoms and buds. They are
omnivores. There predator is the Harpy Eagle. Howler monkeys are consumers because
they eat leafs, nuts, maggots, seeds, flowers, small birds, buds, and blossoms to get it's energy.

Physical Description
Howler Monkeys are mammals with lots of fur. They can grow to be 2-4 feet 0.6 to 1.2 m.
Howler monkeys have black to brown fur black eyes and face they have a prehensile tail.Male have black to brown and female and babies lighter colors. Howler monkeys have brown, black, yellow, and red. Howlers have a loud howl and a prehensile tail to get food.


Howler monkeys live in the canopy.
It adapts to the rainforest with there
prehensile tail it hangs to the branches to
get food. They can camouflage with there fur
because they have brown, black, yellow, and red
fur like a tree.
Interesting Facts

The Howler Monkey has the loudest howl of land
animals. The only animal that it is louder than the
howler monkey is the blue whale but it lives in the ocean.
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