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Pre-Revolution PBL

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Noah Hinds

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Pre-Revolution PBL

Pre-Revolution Acts The Tea Act The East Indian Tea Company gave permission to sell tea directly to Americans . Some of the duties on tea got reduced. It happened on May 10,1773. The tea act happened in Boston Massachusetts. This event is important because it had to do with the Tea Party which was a very big event in our history. The Stamp Act This law put put a tax on many legal documents such as wills, diplomas also marriage papers. The British parliament raised revenue from direct taxation of all colonial commercial and legal papers. Pamphlets,cards and almanacs.
This act took place March 22,1765 through March 1766. Many things were affected in the colonies when it refers to businesses. The stamp master of Georgia served a day in prison in January ,1766.
The act took place in the colony of Virginia. People reacted to the Stamp Act very harshly and newspapers tried to shoot back at it. The Quartering Act The Quartering Act took place March 24, 1765. this law stated that British soldiers had to be given place to live on demand from the colonists.The purpose of this law was to gain more control back of the colonies.The colonies disputed the legality of this Act since it seemed to violate the Bill of Rights 1689, which did not allow taxes without representation and keeping of a standing army without the consent of Parliament. None of the colonies agreed with these new laws being set. Tea Act Causes Conflict The Tea Act caused much conflict because it caused many people to go against the British and defy them. It had a lot to do with the Boston Tea Party when tea was thrown off a boat so that it would rot and a lot of money would be lost. When the Boston Tea Party took place it caused much more uproar than ever before. The Townshend Act The Townshend Acts took place in the year of in 1767. it was led and started by Charles Townshend hence the name. The townshend act was so that salaries of judges and governors could be payed good enough.As a result of the massacre in Boston, Parliament began to consider a motion to partially repeal the Townshend duties. Most of the new taxes were repealed, but the tax on tea was retained. The British government continued in its attempt to tax the colonists without their consent and the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution followed.The Boston Massacre was big stem off of this act. Townshend Acts Causes Conflict New York failed to comply with the Quartering Act in the year of 1765 and this was one reason the British Parliament decided to make the Townshend Act. When the Townshend Act came out a lot or resistance was put forth from the colonies causing the job of Boston by the British Troops in 1768 which has a major input of the Boston Massacre that took place. After the Boston Massacre the Parliament thought of repealing a lot of the Townshend Acts but the tea acts were held and taxing was done in a rude way toward the colonist. The Stamp Act represented to the first attempt to cause tax direct tax on the colonies and it stirred up great opposition and conflict. This inspired groups such as the "Sons of Liberty". They were the most active in Boston. They attacked an admiralty court and looted the home of chief justice. Stamp Act Causing Conflict The people of the colonies did not believe in the acts that have been brought upon them. These colonists did not want to have people living in their household without pay of some sort. This caused them to be mad and want to revolt.The Quartering Act, was one of the measures that was included in the Intolerable Acts, which were passed by Parliament, to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party, which was on December of 1773. Men got dresses up like Indians and dumped 342 chest of tea. Quartering Act Causing Conflict These acts are quite amazing how they caused a stir by the colonist. These laws wee passed by the British Parliament in 1774. These acts were a big cause in the American Revolution that took place. Four of the acts were made to get back at the Boston Tea Party. The British government did this as an attempt to make sure the colonies would stop so much of the resistance that was met when the Stamp Act first came out. A lot of the colonist looked at the acts as violation of their rights and respect so they started a congress to go against and protest. This added fuel to these feuds and caused the Revolutionary War to come the following year. The Intolerable Acts The colonist became very mad and felt that these acts were a violation of their rights and plain out rude. In the year of September 1774 the first congress was formed to protest and go against the laws of the British Parliament. This added more gas to the fire that caused the Revolutionary War that started approximately a year later. The Intolerable Acts Cause Conflict The Currency Act is the name of several acts that helped British government look over money and regulate it more. That was meant to help British merchants and creditors from being awarded or paid in a depreciated or smaller sum of the colonial currency. This idea and policy caused more anger between the two groups of colonies and British parliament. Every colony except for Delaware thought of the policy as a major grievance so to say. Ther was a currency act of 1751 and 1764. These had a rold in egging into the American Revolution. The Currency Act The Currency Act caused more conflict toward the American Revolution! 12 of the colonies saw the acts as a grievance to them and a violation of their rights. They decided to take action by getting their congress to have a declaration of rights that outlined many of the colonial objections. British Parliament was not happy with this and that caused arguments and more anger to rise between these two groups of people. Congress actually called upon Parliament to take away the Currency Act of 1764. Currency Act Causes Conflict The Alien Act is a very interesting act.I was not able to pull a huge amount of information on it but i did my best. It was an act that allowed the president to expel or kick out any person who he felt was dangerous to their country. Three of the alien acts were geared toward Irish and French immigrant that could be harmful. These people had to got through many checks and had to be passed to reside in wherever they chose to be. Jeffersonian Republicans opposed these laws strongly. Only one Alien was ever deported, and only 25 persecution with 10 ending with conviction. In June and July of 1774 much of this took place. The Alien Act The Jeffersonian Republican were not pleased with this and gave opposition toward it. They felt disrespected that they could not reside in a place without all of these laws most likely. I think they felt as if all their rights and morals were being overruled and trampled. They had no other choice than revolt and go against the things the government set aside for them to do. Alien Act Causes Conflict The Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was a raid by America colonist on British ships in the harbor. It happened on December 16,1773. 342 chest were dumped in the bay! The Boston Tea Party was just one of the actions that took place and forced the Revolutionary War. The raid took place because of anger that rose from a tax given by the British Parliament. This is known today as the Tea Act. Governor Thomas Hutchinson decided to not send the highly taxed tea back and this led to the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Massacre was certainly not a massacre. It was a Boston mob and a group of British soldiers. This outbreak took place March 5,1770. During this time several people were killed and other were wounded. A mob of men and boys taunted a sentry guard standing outside of the city's costume house. Many British soldiers came to help and then shooting began in the crowd. Four sadly died at this time and a fifth died later on. Two soldiers were convicted of manslaughter. This was one big reason fro the American Revolution. The Boston Massacre This action was awesome. It was like the point where the colonist fully decided they are going to take control of their lives. The Continental Congress was a convention of delegates that later on was the Governing Body of the United States of America during the Revolutionary War. This congress met three times between the years of 1774 to 1789. The three meetings were meant to speak about many acts or laws sent out by the British Parliament. The Continental Congress The Shot Heard Round The World The shot heard round the world the world is a phrase used to refer to a historical event. This shot was in was in 1775 and was the first shot fired during an armed standoff between British forces and militia in the area of Lexington.That line is also in an opening stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson's hymn from 1837. This phrase also can be associated with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on Austria in Sarajevo. Many sources say this was one of the immediate causes to world war one. Paul Revere's Ride This ride of Paul Revere is actually a poem about he mans ride on horseback to Lexington to announce the coming of the British Regulars! He explains the things that will soon becoming and what is was like along the ride. These actions took place April 18,1775. Paul Revere's Ride Causes Shift In Power The ride of Paul Revere most likely gave the colonist a upper hand and a shift in power because they now knew they needed to prepare for the British to be coming and needed to prepare for what was about to happen. The whole poem breaks down the ride to Lexington and how he is about so share the knowledge of the British Regulars coming. The Continental Congress Causes Shifts In Power The Continental Congress I would say gave a shift of power to the colonist because they were forming groups to go argue witht he british Parliament about the acts being set before the,. Th.began to take actions upon the things that were happening and seeing their life is in their hands for the to look over. The Boston Massacre Causes Shifts In Power I do not think either side benefited because both side had people that were hurt on got in trouble. It was like a battle of who could cause more trouble I think. The Shot Heard Round The World Causes Shifts In Power The Boston Tea Party Causes Shifts In Power I think The British came out on top with this because they most likely scared the colonist when the shot was shot and it made them stop a little while.still know the American Revolution was inevitable. The colonist certainly gained power in this action because it scared to British government and made them from new laws to keep rebelling like this from happening. They also lost a of money in the process of this tea being dumped into the harbor. When the colonist dressed up and not dressed up saw what they could do together I am sure that gave them boost to not be scared to revolt again if the British Parliament did not stop raising revenue on so many things.
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