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Tapal Danedar Enveloped Tea Bags

No description

HippoFactory LLC

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Tapal Danedar Enveloped Tea Bags

Tea is a part of our lifestyle!
Tea is a significant part of our lives in this region.

Pakistan is the 7th largest tea consuming nation in the world.

For those who like it Fresh!

Super Convenient! – Super Fresh!
Explain the many features of the new enveloped tea bags
For the LOVE of tea
Calling out to all tea lovers!
The Perfect partner
A small survey in the office.
Like the west runs on coffee

Pakistan runs on tea!

It’s an addiction that
I love!
My morning would
never start,
I’d turn into the HULK
It’s the only good thing about mornings!
It’s the most important thing for me in the morning.
I would be drowsy all day
Mera tou Dimag hee kaam nahin karta!
Population Breakdown
Total Internet Population of approx.
30 million
Mobile Subscribers 120 million + and counting
Pakistani Population on Facebook 10 million +
Pakistani population on twitter 2 million +

Target Audience
Age Group - 25 to 35 year old
Male Population: 2.2 million
Female Population: 0.7 million
Introducing the Enveloped Tea bags
Express your love for Tapal tea
Start conversations on the love of tea
Talk about the little things in life
The Costs
Ad reach and costs
Tea is considedred to be the perfect partner for most things.
We want to create an emotional connection with our audience by asking about their perfect partner.

Stay Fresh
To boost interaction, build a database of user's idea of freshness.
To promote the USP of freshness, Tapal wants to know all things fresh.
Build an app, giveaway merchandise and the "Journal of Freshness"

Campaign Break up
The Big Idea
Affecting society broadly, including by challenging the status quo and redefining categories.

The Brand Ideal
To improve people's lives
Eliciting Joy
Enabling Connections
Inspiring Exploration
Evoking Pride
Impacting Society
5 Fundamental Human Values for improving Lives
Impacting Society
Tapal Enveloped Tea Bags are the the perfect example for this Fundamental Value.

Tea is one of the most important things in a day for people, and that's where impacting society comes in.
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