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Quiz 1

No description

Nicholas Hartmann

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Quiz 1

Quiz 1
Question 1
1) is both lore and process
2) helps to create/confirm a sense of identity
3) is identified by a community as a tradition

4) has static/dynamic elements
5) is a process/text shared by members of a community
Question 2
1) Destiny stories
2) Love at first sight stories
3) Stories with a fairy tale element
Results of Quiz 1
75% average (56/75)

12 As (68-75 points)
5 Bs (60-67 points)
8 Cs (52-59 points)
4 Ds (45-51 points)
4 Es (0-44 points)

Highest grade: 75/75; Lowest grade: 0/75
Question 4
Public folklore is folklore work that strives to promote the field beyond a university setting.

Question 3
Tangible cultural heritage consists of visible, tangible aspects of culture, where as intangible cultural heritage focuses on the cultural practices and expressions that people recognize as part of their cultural heritage.
Question 5
1) Things we say
2) Things we do
3) Things we make
4) Things we believe
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