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Spreadsheet (Ms Excel)

No description

Eryana Ramlee

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of Spreadsheet (Ms Excel)

Spreadsheet (Ms Excel) • Use some features found in spreadsheet; Bold, Center, Alignment, Fill in colour;
• Use and apply the format command to enhance a worksheet’s appearance;
• Use and apply functions/formula of Sum, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication and Average
• Give at least TWO examples of the uses spreadsheet (Ms Excel)
• Use a shortcut to compute the total for columns and rows
• Change the width of columns and rows
• Change the format of numbers Special feature:
Formulae and Function allow us to do calculation efficiently and automatically Example: Additional (Sum) = SUM(C3:C14) C3+C4+C5+C6+C7+C8+C9+C10+C11+C12+C13+C14 SUBTRACTION?
AVERAGE? =(C5+D5) Function
a built-in formula that comes with a spreadsheet program.
It is used in place of a long term formula A formula or functions
always begins with an equal sign (=) Let's do the
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