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on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Kuwayt

What happens if the laws are broken?
If a law is broken there are severe consequences like imprisonment, deportation and death (public hangings).
Who is the leader
The leader is emir sabah 4 almahmad aljabe sabar.
The emer is in power until he dies and his hare takes his place, and until the hole family dies the the country chooses another hare.
The emers job is to protect ,defend and organize his country, also to make laws and inform them.
How are laws made
A law is made by a national Assembly filled with 15 ministers and 50 more elected members, who help the emir make laws.
The emir has to approve the law and most council members.
2 strengths
1. In Kuwait there has been found a lot of oil witch has made this country very wealthy.
3 weaknesses
1.In Kuwait there is terrorism
2.In Kuwait when your parents or you are born there you get free health care and free education.
2.Since in kuwait there are harsh punishment
you can kill the wrong person.
3.The president has absolute power
abolish the national assembly like
a Dictator
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