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Nerma Dervic

on 10 June 2013

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TORNADOES HOW DO THEY FORM? Past Detection Present Detection 1974 "Superoutbreak" Bibliography Past Knowledge warm moist air rises and meets cold dry air... surface speed winds are slower than winds at a higher altitude, creating a spinning horizontal axis an updraft causes the wind speed to tighten and increase the high speeds cause the tornado to finally touch down on the ground 1643 - first tornado described by Gov. Windthrop as wind gust that tore down trees, killed people, filled air with dust 1773 - first instrumental documentation by Prof. Samuel Williams "tornado watchers" Storm Spotters - Report what they see to National Weather Service Computer programs/Algorithms analyze Doppler Radar - Hook Echo = mesocyclone (large rotating updraft) Dual Polarized Technology - detect debris, random sized/shaped objects - helpful at night 1882 - U.S. Army Signal Corps Sergeant John P. Finley placed in charge - established 15 rules - for 4 decades the word "tornado" was banned due to concerns of causing mass panic among public Development and advancement of radar made during WWII - obscured by rain Weather Bureau offices couldn't communicate with each other Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama

148 tornadoes

30 tornadoes rated F4 and F5

Occurred before Doppler Radar 306 killed, 5454 injured

Total path length: 2521 miles

Total damage: $1.5 billion "April 3, 1974 - The Tornado Super Outbreak." April 3, 1974 - The Tornado Super Outbreak. Web. 7 June 2013.

"History of Tornado Forecasting." NOAA 200th Feature Stories:. Web. 7 June 2013.

"How Do Tornadoes Form?" Dangerous Weather. Web. 7 June 2013.

"How Do Tornadoes Form." Universe Today RSS. Web. 10 June 2013.

"NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory." NSSL: Severe Weather 101: Tornado Detection. Web. 8 June 2013.

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