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Tamas Pancel CV - Mechanical Design Engineer

Four years experience

Tamás Páncél

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Tamas Pancel CV - Mechanical Design Engineer

Thanks for watching.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Name: Tamás Páncél
Email: tamas.pancel@gmail.com
Mobile: +36 70 256 03 20
" What I cannot create, I do not understand."
(Richard P. Feynmann)
of Technology Budapest
Mechanical Engineer,
Department of Polymer Engineering
Work Experiences
Payer Industries
After university I planned to join a company where I could learn not only the principles of CAD Engineering but the aspects of the whole production process.
Payer turned out to be a good choice. During the years I have been involved in the company's most important projects.
Payer in Hungary
Training at the Injection Molding Department, basic knowledge of tooling, molding, mass production and assembly
Training at the Injection Molding Department, basic knowledge of tooling, molding, mass production and assembly. CATIA V5 trainings, being involved in projects, developing single parts.
Working on cost-down concepts, serial support on "Type 13" applience.
Being a member of a development team (2 members), developing the complete technical concept of the watertight inner housing (drive unit) of the company’s own “Lift&Wash” men’s shaver "Type 54"
Being a member of a development team
(3 members), developing the complete technical
concept of the company’s own “Lift&Wash” watertight hairclipper. I was in charge of the whole product optimization process.
Being a member of a development team (5 members), developing the complete technical concept of a "seamless desing" watertight hairclipper -in 3 different versions (High End, Middle End, Low End)- for one of the biggest companies in the personal care industry.
I learned the basics in secondary school when my family hosted an Australian exchange student in our house for one year .
I am goal oriented and a good teamplayer which was necessary in my job to work in an international environment.
I am optimistic and sociable with good communication skills which helped me in daily work with Austrian colleges.
I am determined to improve my social skills in a different environment. Understanding different cultures, habits and ways of thinking about life and work.
Four years experience in consumer product development working on mechanical concepts in plastic. I know what a big effect the design has on the mechanical solutions and I am familiar with the manufacturability aspects.
(tooling, molding, assembly)
I want to prove my commitment to understand the needs and aspirations of consumers and customers in order to deliver innovative solutions.
I am competent in CATIA V5
I would like to improve myself in this field in CATIA V5 or in another CAD environment.
I am a member of two rock bands playing the drums, the guitar, writing and singing songs.
Would be nice to continue this hobby in abroad and get acquainted with local musicians.
My Inspiration
product development
I decided to find the
to make innovations...
something impressive
...to hit on new ideas,
and find the
...and make them
Please read the details of my professional experiences on the following slides.
I hope my qualifications meet your needs.
Materials science of polymers
Polymer processing and its machinery
Polymer composites
Manufacturing of polymer parts
Designing of plastic tools
Modelling in polymer product design
Practice of product design
in polymer engineering
Principal subjects
Undergraduate Scientific Project Competition (2nd place) - Mould developments for short runs in injection moulding
Researching the effect of moisture on the function of plastic snap fits according to swelling and softening
Auto-Electric Hungary
After I had passed the intermediate language exam, I improved my English at university reading technical articles about injection molding innovations and special rapid prototyping (RP) technics such as stereolitography,
3D printing etc.
I used English in my daily work to cooperate with Austrian colleagues in developing projects. Usually Hungarian and Austrian engineers work on different parts of the same appliance.
In the last two months of 2010 we cooperated with Dutch colleagues from our biggest customer. They spent this period in our hungarian plant. For me clear communication was crucial for a fast and successful validation of our brand new hairclipper.
Welcome to my CV!
In the last 2 years I was cooperating with the University marking theses of undergraduate students who are interested in product development.
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1. Please click here for full screen.
High End
Middle End
Low End
In the last four years I was member of project teams. I had to cooperate with Hungarian and Austrian colleagues. I am really proud of my good teamwork and the good realtionship I had with colleagues.

From design to running production
My responsibility was the mechanical design of haircutters and shavers. The watertightness and low resonances were crucial. From the design to running production I had to take into consideration the customer's wishes, the tooling and assembly aspects and find the best solutions. I had meetings with customers discussing about different solutions and costs. I had discussions with suppliers as well.

Following the design
At Payer Industries Company I was responsible for the mechanical design from the first sketches to releasing the final parts. I was responsible for the 3D modelling, the testing of 3D printed prototypes. I followed the parts during tooling process and injection molding -I went down to the molding machines and released the parts after any optimization-. My responsibility was to explain instructions for assembly to reach better productivity by the assembly lines.

I really enjoyed to travel to Ausztria for meetings and spending days in Gratz. During the last project I spent two weeks in China. My responsibility was to check the production of chineese suppliers, and release the parts after pilot run.

Report to Senior Manager
On the personal care field I was the most experienced product developer in our young team, so my responsibility was to organise the teamwork and to report our Senior Manager. I had to teach new engineers the way of working according to our department’s requirements.

I am seeking for an opportunity where I face with new unique challenges and work with highly skilled colleagues on attractive results to be able to learn as much as I can. I wish to find a work environment where I can work with state of the art technologies working on the best solution for ambitious customers without painful compromises.

Influence my own work
Independence is important for me , the possibility to come up with impressive solutions meanwhile I know that it is really important to find the good balance between design, function and costs.
I am really proud, that Philips latest hair -clippers has already launched and people can enjoy the result of our good teamwork using good quality hairclippers all over the world.

Design and price
The customer's specifications in connection with function and design was always the most important consideration, meanwhile I had to find reliable solutions. I had several discussions with the tool construction department to calculate the tooling costs. For example the shape and the position of a snap fit is crusial from the tooling point of view. The more sliders we use the higher tooling cost we get. Sometimes we can use less sliders or cheaper sliders choosing a different shape of ribs or undercuts.

At Payer Industries CATIA V5 environment is used to build 3D models and to make 2D documentations. I really enjoy the daily work with this software, it is flexible and handleable. My efficiency was boosted by an additional 3D mouse devide called Space Explorer.

High quality attitude
The leader of our department, the Senior Manager spent ten years in the automotive industry and from the beginning he expected from us high quality attitude. I believe that this was the key for our department’s success. I wish to find a work environment where this attitude is appreciated.

Automotive Industry
I wrote my thesis at a big multinational company called Valeo. Valeo is supplier of the biggest brands of the automotive industry. I spent some month at the company’s Hungarian plant in Veszprém and my responsibility was to search the effects of moisture on softening and function of some particular plastic parts.

I hope my online CV presentation can prove that I am open minded and like to find different ways to touch people. I really enjoy making sketches and building prototypes.
I am shure I would be valuable substance of a creative teamwork at your company.

Please find the contacts of the Senior Manager of the development department called Attila Oláh below. Attila was my boss during the four years I spent at Payer Industries Hungary.

Name: Attila Oláh
Email: attila.olah@payergroup.com
Tel.: +36/88/520-060
Skype: pih.attila.olah
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