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Steps To Sell Your Home

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Connie Carlson

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Steps To Sell Your Home

The Connie Carlson Team
Steps to Selling Your Home
Knowledge is Power
#1 Understand The Market
Government purchase incentive programs expired
How They Search and Compare
#2 Understanding How Buyer's Think
Buyers and their agents are eliminating homes quickly
Power Price Points
$125,000-$150,000 Bracket Homes
#3 Proving Your Home's Value
Let's Take a Look At Your Home
#4 Marketing For Top Dollar
Real Estate Agents 40%
Staging To Sell
95.6% of Staged Homes sold in 37 days
or less vs. Non Staged Homes that took 212 days
Photos & Videos
Multiple Listing Service
Max # of Photos
Reach 45,000 agents within the first 24 hours your home is listed
Chair A Van
Intranet Blast
Word Of Mouth
Internet - 35% of Buyers
Sign - 11%
Friends 6%
#5 Choose the Right Agent
Experience - Over 300 Homes Sold

Educated - 20 years in Real Estate

Results - Selling Homes Faster & For More Money
(11 days on market 100% of List Price in 2013)
Communication - Feedback Surveys & Regular Updates

Satisfied Clients - 75% of Business is from Referrals
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