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Hungary and Budapest

No description

Fodor Károly

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Hungary and Budapest

Basic information
Places of interest
Food & Drink
Capital of Hungary
In 1873 Óbuda, Pest and Buda, joined and became BUDAPEST!
Over 2 million people
There are a lot of festivals, Sziget, Balaton Sound, Volt Festival etc.
And there are a lot of clubs...
Places to see
Location: Central Europe
Capital city: Budapest
Area: 93,030 square kilometers
19 counties
Population: 9,935,000 (2012)
Official language : Hungarian
Form of state: Republic
Official currency: Forint
Main rivers: Danube, Tisza
Hungarian flag
Hungarian coat of arms
895: Conquest the Carpathian Basin (Árpád)
1458-1490: King Matthias Corvinus: recovery of the culture (Renaissance Period)
XVI-XVIIth century: Turkish occupation (150 years)
1848-49: War of Independence against the Habsburg Monarchy
1956: Revolution against the Soviet occupation
1989: Regime change
2004: Joining the European Union
1000: Establishment of the state by King Stephen I, Hungarian Kingdom became catholic
Ball-point pen (László József Bíró)
Rubik's cube (Ernő Rubik)
Vitamin C (Albert Szent-Györgyi)
Safety-match (János Irinyi)
Color television (Péter Károly Goldmark)
Helicopter (Oszkár Asboth)
Paprika of Kalocsa
Fish soup
Stuffed cabbage
Sponge cake
Wine of Tokaj
Firewater (pálinka)
Famous cities
Racka (breed of sheep)
Wrangler (csikós)
Hungarian Grey Cattle
Flag of Budapest
College of Management,
where we studying...
Thank you for your kind attention!
Lake Balaton
Lake Fertő
Lake of Velence
Storno house and the Fire lookout tower
Great Church
52525,09 km²
23 districts
The 7th idyll city in the world!!!
by Forbes magazine
The 6th visited city in Europe, 25th in world!
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