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ms ahahaha

No description

Steve Chen

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of ms ahahaha

Marks and Spencer, as a well-known UK retailing corporation, has a long history. However, it also went through a difficult time.
In this case study, we will try to find out:
What lead M&S to success
What cause the failure
How M&S react

Formula for Success
up to the 1990s



Competitors: ZARA, MANGO, TESCO
Limited advertising
Refusal of cards
Lack of out-of town stores
Store environment
Lack of efficent delivery
'Buying British policy'
Arrogant attitude

Distance with customers needs

Human resource

Leadership style
Michael Marks
Tom Spencer
Simon Marks
photo from: www.newscenter.philips.com
Sir Richard Greenbury
photo from: http://corporate.marksandspencer.com/media/media_library
photo from: www.mylearning.org
Lord Rayner
photo from: http://marksintime.dbda.net/
photo from: http://corporate.marksandspencer.com/media/media_library
Things went wrong
lead to the survival crisis since 1998
Evaluation of the recovery
Luc Vandevelde
Stuart Rose
1. Domestic and overseas
2. Serving customers
3. New image
4. Supply chain
5. Media
6. Strategies of the overseas market
1. Shut the overseas stores
2. Slow expansion of food stores
3. Investment
4. New advertisement
Today, changes are everywhere.
How external and internal factors influence a company.
In this case, internal factors are the primary cause of the crisis, and external factors triggered the failure of M&S.
Fortunately, M&S adapted to the new business environment.
Present by: Işıl, Adrianna, Charlie, Steve
Lack of latest technology
Change wasnot welcome
Internal relationship focus
Missing the changes in customer behavious
Employing young but unexperienced staff
Isolating themselves from reality
Power and prestige
Customer care
Staff care
Suppliers care
Environment care
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