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muhammad ali

No description

Bryton Lowe

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of muhammad ali

Muhammad Ali
Life of Muhammad Ali
Life of Muhammad Ali
heavy weight champion of the world
Birth-January 17, 1942
Picture/video of Muhammad Ali
Young age-Muhammad Ali's real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay.Clay was influenced from listening to a near by car radio,from that moment he was interested in boxing from then on.
Adult life- Clay had many obstacles including segregation,religion, and just plain people not liking him. he changed his name because of his religon.He change it from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali that meant "one who is worthy of praise." Muhammad Ali has married four women Sonji Roi(1964-1966),Belinda Boyd (1967-1977), Veronica Porsche Ali(1977-1986),Yolanda Williams(1986).
When Muhammad Ali was little his family had not much money like every other black family. In the 1960s after getting home form Ali's winning of the heavyweight Champion of the world Ali and his friend when on a bike ride around town and to the local pub and the waittress would not serve him because he was a black and at that time was the civil rights movement.after arguing with the waitress he and his friend got kick out and a biker gang notices he and wanted to fight him but Ali didn't want to fight so he let them beat on him.
One conflict for Ali was that he followed an abnormal religon called the black muslims. This religon believes in separation of races but no imigration such as no race was superior. Because of his beleifes many states revoced his boxing license so he couldn't box those states. also the government took his passport so that he couldn't travel to other counteries even though he offered 75% off the much money he would have made.
After training for many year Mahammad's trainer thought he was ready for the big leages but Muhammad had other plans that were taking on the heavyweight champion of the world Sonny Liston but sonny didn't want to fight Ali because thought it was decrase that was being challeged by an amateur but sonny had to take up every opponent how challeged his.the fight on may 25, 1965 in the first round Muhammad went out quickly punch Listons right side then again a quick right cross and right then he drop him flat on his face winning the heavyweight world champion.
The Big fight
I like this book because he never gave up and was very cocky and beleived in himself. I'd recament this book to anyone who likes to learn about prezious problems in history.
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