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Education on Animal Farm

No description

Jon Hendrickson

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Education on Animal Farm

Education on Animal Farm By Jon Hendrickson The education System on Animal Farm How did education affect life on Animal Farm These affected animal farm in a big way and helped it to survive a move ford. The education system on Animal Farm is controlled. The pigs taught them selves education with books that Jones had. The pigs became smart and they knew how to read and write perfectly. The pigs started to rules the farm and control the animals on the farm Education has a big effect on Animal Farm.


Helped the pigs learn to read and write

Education helped the pigs plan out a strategy for the first battle against Jones.

Education helped the animals wright the seven commandants

Organized the farm

Thought the animals education Build a wind mill 3 times

IN the end build new buildings

Built more windmills There were some bad things about the education on Animal Farm because the other Animals did not have a good intelligence level because of their intelligence low intelligence. The pigs tried to teach the other animals education, but only a limited amount to they would not think for them selves and revolt. The animals only learned little because of the controlled amount or because of the intelligence level. The education system that runs on Animal Farm is a controlled system. The animals did not know the seven commandment were being changed.

The animals did not know Napoleon was lying to them.

The Animals did everything Napoleon wanted.

They died for Napoleon.

They became slaves.
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