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Case Analysis: Deutsche Telekom

No description

Emman de Guzman

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Case Analysis: Deutsche Telekom

at least
of senior positions should
be held by
More diverse workforce
Easier to recruit employees who
need flexible hours
Better work relationships
because of the ability of women
to mix traditional masculine
management styles with more
feminine ones.
Costly to implement (cost of work-family program, higher fringe benefits etc.)
Efficiency trade-off in having part-time
instead of full-time workers
Sacrificing efficiency and worker
competencies just to realize the gender quota
Lower morale for workers (Because of the quota, hiring/promotions may be directed towards women and not to those who are deserving based on performance)

Most women make the decisions regarding
the family budget so having them in the company would give insights as to what
would appeal to families
Hire LGBT and other foreign employees
A large percentage of university graduates are women
More interest from investors who see diversity as an indicator for future returns
Lingering gender biases, prejudices,
and stereotypes which may lead to
the undermining of female authority
and resentment
Conflict between perceived maternal obligations and work demands
Extend the target date
for realizing 30% female presence in top and middle management
gender sensitivity programs and team-building activities
for both men and women

in hiring and promotions process
clear and fair standards
of promotion
the quota deadline
Conduct gender sensitivity programs
and team-building activities for men and women
Practice transparency
in the hiring and promoting procedures
Set clear and fair standards
of promotion
equal incentives, compensation and perks
individualized re-entry options
after leaves
Discussion Questions
1. What do you think of this "quota" approach that Deutsche Telekom is pursuing? What benefits and drawbacks does such an approach have?
creates a more diverse management structure
diversity improves performance
provides a competitive advantage
further attracts diverse people
female managers' credibility may be challenged
quota > job performance
Discussion Questions
2. What issues might Deustche Telekom face in recruting female university graduates? How could they address these issues?
advertise women-specific employee benefits
set clear criteria for hiring and for possible consequent promotion
attracting female graduates
compromising skilled male graduates
Discussion Questions
3. What issues might the company face in introducing changes in work-family programs? Again, how could they address these issues?
ensure the gains of these benefits exceed the costs of implementing them
ensure constant connection with part-time workers through online conferences, public databases
hold company outings and team-building activities
costs of added benefits
flexible hours may be at the expense of job performance and dedication
less personal interaction between part-time workers and full-time employees
Discussion Questions
4. What workplace diversity initiatives discussed in this chapter might be appropriate for Deutsche Telekom? What would be involved in implementing these initiatives?
Diversity Skills Training
providing gender awareness education for employees
collaborations between female managers and senior managers
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