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Holocaust Filmography and TVography

In an attempt to determine patterns of when films and television episodes have been released or distributed by American producers, directors, companies. You will divide into decades and color code entries.

Lisa Stallbaumer

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Holocaust Filmography and TVography

Holocaust Filmography & Tvography
Place the title in chronological order within the correct decade provided.

Provide Release Date, Title of Film, and your initial
s in ( )

Select one of four font colors:

Red font:
primarily focused on
, their motives and actions
Black font: primarily focused on victims, their motives and actions
Green font
: primarily focused on
(e.g. rescuers, witnesses, etc)
Blue font:
uncertain how to categorize
resulting from confusion over what inferences you can make from the title or whether or not is is a "Holocaust" film or an "American" production
Do not erase other students entries.
If the titles that you have found are already listed, keep searching.
1948, Sealed Verdict
1948, The Search
2008, The Reader (KP)
2008, Defiance (KP)
1986, I Love You, I Love You Not (KP)
1982, Sophie's Choice (KP)
1961, Judgement at Nuremberg (EAC)
1967, The Diary of Anne Frank (EAC)
1998, Apt Pupil (EAC)
1999, Jakob the Liar (EAC)
1975, The Hiding Place (EAC)
2009, Inglorious Basterds (KEF)
2008, Valkyrie (KEF)
1993, Schindler's List (KEF)
1996, The Empty Mirror (KEF)
1946, The Stranger (KEF)
2008, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (MLM)
1964, The Pawnbroker (MLM)
1953, The Juggler (MLM)
1959, The Diary Of Anne Frank (MLM)
1975, The Man In The Glass Booth (MLM)
1999, The Devils Arithmetic (KLK)
1998, Train of Life (KLK)
2005, Fateless (KLK)
2001, Conspiracy (KLK)
2001, Uprising (KLK)
1989, Triumph of the Spirit(RMJ)
2008, Good (RMJ)
1976, Marathon Man (RMJ)
1978, Holocaust (RMJ)
1979, The House on Garibaldi Street (RMJ)
1985, Shoah (NJK)
1950, Distant Journey (NJK)
1975, Jakob the Liar (NJK)
2001, Band of Brothers (NJK)
1983, A Generation Apart (NJK)
2007, The Counterfeiter (NMP)
1975, Seven Beauties (NMP)
2002, The Pianist (NMP)
1976, Voyage of the Damned (NMP)
2008, Death in Love (NMP)
2012: American Horror Story: Asylum, "I Am Anne Frank (part 2)" (AEP)
2007, Fugitive Pieces (NMP)
1964: Diamonds of the Night (AEP)
1972: The Day the Clown Cried (AEP)
2008: Adam Resurrected (AEP)
1956: Singing in the Dark (AEP)
1960, Exodus (CMA)
1980, Playing for Time (CMA)
1982, The Wall (CMA)
1985, Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (CMA
1988, Hanna's War (CMA)
1992, The Witness (CMA)
1980, Playing for Time (MVH)
1989, The Music Box (MVH)
1996, Voices of the Children(MVH)
1987, Escape from Sobibor (MVH)
2005, Downfall (MVH)
2005, Sophie Scholl - The Final Days (MVH)
(1975)The Man in the Glass Booth (aek)
(1982) Remembrance of Love(aek)
(1989) Enemies, a Love Story (aek)
(1999) Jakob The Liar (aek)
(2001) The Grey Zone (aek)
2002, Amen. (SSK)
2001,Edges of the Lord (SSK)
2009, The Courageous Heart of Irena Sandler (SSK)
1997, The Island On Bird Street (SSK)
1997, The Truce (SSK)
[an East German version; foreign film; might be interesting to compare to the American version, Dr. S]
[foreign film, Dr. S
[Shoah is a documentary by Claude Lanzman, Dr. S]
[Train of Life is a foreign film, Dr. S]
[Sophie Scholl is a foreign film, Dr. S]
[Diamonds of the Night is a foreign film, Dr. S]
[Distant Journey is a foreign film, Dr. S]
[A Generation Apart is a documentary, Dr. S]
[The Voices of the Children may be a documentary, Dr. S]
[Fateless is probably a foreign film, Dr. S]
[Downfall appears to be a foreign language film, Dr. S]
[The Counterfeiter is a foreign language film, Dr. S]
Imaginary Witness(2004) JAM
The Secret Diary of the Holocaust(2004) JAM
A is for Auschwitz: A Weekend with my Grandparents(2004) JAM
Luboml: My Heart Remembers(2003) JAM
Burning Questions(!999) JAM
In the Shadow of the Reich: Nazi Medicine (1997) JAM
1970 the only way (JM)
1979 the house on garibaldi street (JM)
1983 to be or not to be (JM)
1985Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (JM)
1988 War and Remembrance (JM)
1949 Lang ist der Weg (JLB)
1970 The Only Way (JLB)
1997 Life is Beautiful (JLB)
1987 Au Revoir les Enfants (JLB)
2000 Paragraph 175 (JLB)
[Lang ist der Weg is a foreign film, Dr. S]
[Au Revoir is a foreign film, Dr. S]
2000, paragraph 175(RW)
[Paragraph 175 is a documentary, Dr. S]
2005, Fateless (RW)
[In the shadow is a documentary, Dr. S]
2001,The Grey Zone(RW)
[Secret diary may be a documentary, Dr. S]
1997,Triumph of the spirit (RW)
A is for Auschwitz is a documentary, Dr. S
[A is for Auschwitz is a documentary, Dr. S]
[Is Luboml a documentary? Dr. S]
1964, diamonds of the light(RW)
1950, Distant Journey (RW)
[I had troubles find Burning Questions, Dr. S; is this a documentary?]
2001 title
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