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ICANN 47 Fellow Report

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Transcript of ICANN 47 Fellow Report

ICANN 47 Durban. Fellowship Report
Alejandro Acosta. July 23 2013


Attended sessions
- DNSSEC Workshops
- IPv6 Workshops
- Welcome ceremory
- Public policy session
- Fellowship morning/eve sessions
- NCUC session
- Security, stability & resiliency
- DNS risk management
What did I get
It was a great moment to talk with so many people. I'm glad I'm returning to my country with a lot of ideas and new contacts.
I'm completely sure I will work with many of them in the close future and something relevant will come up. The ideas are already there, so far I will have cooperation with at least two other former fellows. Hopefully before the end of this year we will have something to show.
Walking down in the corridors
Retuning something to ICANN

All sessions were very good and to choose only one is too difficult. So, I will pick up two :) --> DNSSEC & IPv6 because that is my area of expertise and where I am trying to focus right now.
- In mailing list
- In classes
- In the Venezuelan Linux User Group group in Linkedin (more than 900 members)
- In the IPv6 Discussion group in Lacnic & in the Latin American IPv6 Forum
- In my office
Sharing the experience
- With collegues & friends
- With students
- In blogs
- In social networks
- Also inside promoting activities
Going further
- Become a member in any ICANN group (GAG, NCUN, experts, etc) *
- Write policies, comment on policies
- Attend more meetings

* I already contacted some people on my side and tried to subscribe to the NCUN, no response so far
(Analytical Networking Game for Education and Learning)
I had the opportunity to talk with other university professors/lecturers about a game to learn computer networking concepts. It will be free, open source and multi-lingual. I hope I will have the chance to work with them closer in the next months.

IPv6 Book
- A bunch of people from Latam (and one from Spain) came together in order to write an IPv6 book. I had the opportunity to get some ideas from the brochures found in the corridors. We expect to have the book ready in very few months (it will be available for free online)
IETF drafts ideas
Two ideas came to my mind during the ICANN 47 week:
- Geo-localization which is a problem all of us are facing in a daily basis. There is some work but I think we can do something else.
- Formal way to report abuses. This is something very new..., need to search much more about this
Ideas for ANGEL
- On paper we have written the firsts 6 levels of ANGEL, none of them included DNS until now. We are trying to prepare a new level to introduce DNS concepts. Some ideas are already there and for example try to construct a "zone" using drag & drop (remember this is just a game to learn concept)

Alejandro Acosta
July 24 2013
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