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Pots and Pans

Presented at the 2012 HomeAway Owners' Summit

Brent Schneeman

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Pots and Pans

The Vacation Rental market is large but fragmented, with hundreds of thousands of suppliers (homeowners). It has few brands and no commonly accepted service levels or rating standards

-Douglas Quinby, PhoCus Wright
May, 2011
We Just returned from a great week at your wonderful villa. The location by the pool is really convenient and the short walk to the beach. The villa is very comfortable (especially the beds) and we always have a very relaxing time. We have stayed here numerous times and are never disappointed. Fiddler's Cove is great for families.
We have recently stayed here for 2 weeks and have really enjoyed our time. The house is brand new and immaculate, and the saltwater pool has been awesome for our 2 children(ages 1 and 4). The beach is a very short walk from the house- easy with a double stroller and all of our gear. The house is set up really well to accommodate kids or adults and has an outdoor shower, shady areas to hang out in and sunny spots to lay out, as well. The owners live nearby and were very helpful with the house and suggestions for things to do. The location is great for walking to get coffee, going for a run, taking a beach walk or just hanging out with little kiddos or adults. Plus, it's near the best beach areas on the island. We highly recommend it!
The house situation is excellent, close to all facilities, restaurants, groceries, beach, stores, etc. The pool, the patio furniture, the deck, the beach chairs and the towels are very good for bathing and dining outside, The house offers enough space. We were disapointed by the old tv sets; the bathrooms need to be refreshed as well as the cupboard in the kitchen and the laundry room. We were expecting more. We already rented two other houses with Homeaway before of better quality. The other couple also rent something cleaner and nicer for a better price. The cleaning must have been done more metiscusly. The oven was very dirty. We found that kitchen pot and pans were chipped and old . There are many old stuff under the cupboard. The toaster heats properly only on one side. The BBQ grill was rusty; all the protection was gone on half the surface. We had problems twice with the internet. The manager/owner came once to try (without success) to repair the leaking sink. The bath was very slow to drain; a plumber came one morning and waited half an hour for the owner who never showed up, so no repair were done. The small carpets in the bathrooms were old, dirty and disgutting. In the yard, close to the pool, there were old mops, brooms, plastic plants that should all be sent to garbage. It's more a 3.5* than a 4*. There is a real potential for this house but now it seems a bit neglected. If you haven't seen other places, you don't know; the four of us can compare and we were all disapointed this time.
Sentiment Analysis
This analysis found that about 10% of Reviews have text-and-star inconsistencies, but...
grouping by the
language used
Interesting Phrases
comparing with known classifiers
extracting statistically significant phrases
"Pots and Pans"

Most Frequent Phrase in Negative Reviews
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Love / Belonging
Abraham Maslow, 1943
Vacationer's Hierarchy of Needs
Hustle / Bustle
Pots and Pans
Washer and Dryer
Sliding Glass Doors
Bring your own
Visitor Recently Left
Open floor plan
Labor Day Weekend
Within Walking Distance
Glass of Wine
Visitor Recently Left
More Info? Check out "
The Vacation Rental Industry: Present and Future
Ballroom A, Sunday, 12:15pm

5 = "good" and 1 = "bad" might be
completely wrong:

* = Tourist
** = Standard
*** = Comfort
**** = First Class
***** = Luxury
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