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things i like

No description

Olivia Downs

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of things i like

Olivia Downs Things I Like Animals... Cats I've always loved cats, but I
didn't get my first cat until
I was 7 years old. Now I have 5 cats. Fluffy, C.C,
Timmy, Kingsford, and Ginger Dogs I had this cute dog
since I was a baby. I
think dogs are so cute. Now I have 2 dogs named Daisy and Casey. Comics... Pearls Before Swine This is a comic strip about a rat,
a pig, a zebra, and a family of crocadiles I love reading this halarious comic that makes fun of human mistakes Singing... I love to sing along to my favorite music. I have my own microphone and I use it alot. I don't realy like to sing infrount of people though. http://www.google.com/ Shopping... I love to go to the mall and
shop with my friends. We
all spend the whole day
shopping and talking until
we can hardly walk. My favorite stores are Wet Seal,
American Eagle, and Debs. Electronics... My cell phone The cell phone I have is the LG Dare. I use it all the time to text my friends. I don't realy call people though. I also love the camera and use it alot.
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