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Pubic diplomacy as social affairs

Presentation by Kristina Chernyavskaya

Kristina Chernyavskaya

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Pubic diplomacy as social affairs

Double click anywhere & add an idea PUBLIC DIPLOMACY What does it mean to practice "public diplomacy”?
Soft power Soft power is a term used in international relations theory to describe the ability of a political body, such as a state, to indirectly influence the behavior or interests of other political bodies through cultural or ideological means. Prapaganda? A number of public diplomacy experts stress that dialogue is also a critical component of PD that separates it from Definition Public diplomacy as traditionally defined includes the government-sponsored cultural, educational and informational programs, citizen exchanges and broadcasts used to promote the national interest of a country through understanding, informing, and influencing foreign audiences. PUBLIC DIPLOMACY Oficial policy &
plans Information programms Educational &
cultural exchanges Public diplomacy
operations Broadcasting Resources &
mamagement PUBIC DIPLOMACY ??? Most popular questions: What does it mean to practice "public diplomacy”? Is public diplomacy only another word for propaganda? Why do we need PD ? PUBLIC DIPLOMACY Why do we need it ? Civil Society
elites NGOs Public diplomacy Public opinion Policy environment Government
policy USE OF
POWER Official
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