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Quadcopter Car

No description

krerkchai jantakad

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Quadcopter Car


Krerkchai Jantakad 54010126
Kongsak Phianphithak 54010142
Purithad Pansung 54011012
Manachai Adisaisamphan 54011029
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Related Theory and
Chapter 3 Result of experiment
RC car
Different functions

System go through the same way
Why don’t we take both the Quadcopter and the RC car into the same device ?
Quadcopter Car
RC car
Run on the ground

Fly in the air
To improve and apply both the information and
theory that we have studied to make it works.

To study how to control the device by write
a program into microcontroller.

To improve thinking, planning and prudence.

To create a Quadcopter that can run on the
ground too.
Scope of project
Create a controller including receiver, transmitter, radio signal, microcontroller and commanding program.

Create a Quadcopter car that can run on the ground and in the air too.

We can control the Quadcopter car by transmitter that can fly stably in the air or can move as we required.

Expected result
Learn how to design and control a program in microcontroller

Learn how to design the structural components of Quadcopter car.

Learn how to make the Quadcopter car works and how to control Quadcopter car in the air.

Learn how to working in the group, solving the problem and time management.

Related theory and knowledge

the Principle of Quadcopter car controlling
Gyro Scope
Principle of aerodynamic
If you want to roll on the right, the speed of motor of front and rear blades should still stable but increase speed of motor of the left blade. The left direction will lift up and the right will roll down and it will go on the right direction.
It quite like the roll but switch to the speed of motor of left and right blades should still stable but increase speed of motor of the rear blade. The rear direction will lift up and the front will roll down and it will go on the front direction
The speed of motor of the front and rear blades will more over the speed of motor of the left and right blades. Then, it will spin around.
Design the structure by solidworks
Very complex
Every components have to be compatible for each components.
Some components are not compatible for each components.
Redesign our model to improve it better.
print the structure by 3D printer
The 3D printer can’t print the structural components that
too large over 20 multiply 20 cm.
Separate components to many parts before print it.

Save file type to *.STL

convert to *.x3g by MakerWare

transfer file to SD card

print by 3D printer
How to print
The Example of some structural components
Structure :

Problem :
Improvement :
Problem :

Improvement :
What are we going to do
next semester?
Assemble all structural components
Front wheel
Back wheel
Structural base
Design the circuit board
A. Choose equipment
DC Motors
Servo Motor
ฺB. Design programs to control
The balance
The speed of motor
The angle degree of servo motor
Write code in Arduino
Transfer to microcontroller
C. Test run in real situation
Run on the ground
Fly in the air
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 1
Thank you
for your kind attention

If you want quadcopter fly stably on the air, you should control the speed of all motors in the same speed by front and rear blades turn counterclockwise but left and right blades turn clockwise.
Increase or decrease the speed of all motors in same speed. It will up and down depend on the speed of motor.
Research related theory and knowledge
Design and assemble the structure
Print structural components by 3D Printer
Buy every components and test program
solving the problem and make it successful
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