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College Decision Day 2015

Finishing the school year on the right note.

David LaNore

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of College Decision Day 2015

What is it?
How do I do it?
College Decision Day
College Decision Day is an event that recognizes and celebrates graduating seniors for their post-secondary plans and encourage younger students and families to prepare early for post-secondary education.

College Decision Day is inspired by the NCAA's National Signing Day and focuses on academic excellence.

NCAA’s National Signing Day is an event in which high school seniors sign a letter of intent to play sports at a specific college.

Why should I do it?
1. It visually
completes the big picture.
We already conduct events to mark earlier transitions

Becomes a capstone to the foundation we lay for a school's college going culture

Ultimately makes
going to college
2. It
the community and builds the school culture.
Students to complete assignments, post, apply to colleges that fit and to enroll in college.

Parents to get more involved. Everyone likes positive attention.

Faculty and staff to be more accommodating to college and career efforts.

4. It is a possible
Introduces college staff and alumni to your high school

Provides a space to recruit community supporters for future events

Introduces graduating seniors and parents to college staff and alumni at their new school

Provides a forum in which graduating seniors and high school alumni can connect
Expectations of Host Sites
• Recognizes
graduating students for their post-secondary plans (2-yr, 4-yr, military, post-secondary certificate)

• Recognition to happen in front of the
student body

• Contact local media – encourage publicity beyond the high school building
Examples of Format
NFL Draft
"From the class of 2015, (insert institution name) selects: Student 1, Student 2 and Student 3."
NCAA Signing Day
Allow students to come up and reveal their own choice to the audience.
Award Show
List schools student was considering then open an envelope revealing their choice
3. It
enhances school climate
Need a team of staff to plan and execute event

Need to designate resources for promotion and decoration

Need to get seniors to make a choice by Spring Break

Names of potential team members

Potential places in your school to hold event

Amount of resources that could potentially be allocated to College Decision Day
Celebrates academic excellence in a more attractive way

Deepens connection between staff and students

Promotes school pride

Influences camaraderie among students
May 1st, 2015
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