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What plantations are used for

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Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of What plantations are used for

What is a broker?
Plantations are used for making cash crops such as tobacco, rice and indigo. The most common of these is tobacco and it was the cash crop that helped the economy the most in most colonies.
Why were plantations important to the economy?
What were cash crops used for ?
One of the crops was indigo it was used to die clothes. Rice was eaten it was important for that reason.Tobacco was used for many purposes it was used as medicine and to smoke.
What were plantations used for ?
Plantations had big value to most colonies. They grew important cash crops. Crops like tobacco were valued by England so it was the most important cash crop. People would pay a lot of money for any of the crops. Which explains why plantations were valued.
People who owned big plantations had brokers. A broker is a person who buys and sells crops for the plantation owner.
Who worked on plantations ?
People who worked on plantations varied some were slaves some were indentured servants. The difference between the two is that slaves do not get paid and indentured servants eventually do. Indentured servants get land and crops when they are done working.
Credits to:
What were Plantations ?

By: Colin O'Doherty

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